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Rumour: Paper Mario: Sticker Star EU release date leaked.

Paper Mario Sticker Star has received a release date of the 11th November 2012 in the North America regions.  With Nintendo announcing that tomorrow (4th October) they will be hosting a Nintendo Direct at 7pm UK time rumours have been rampant that a release date will be announced for Paper Mario in the EU region.
It seems as if have listed an EU release date of the 20th November 2012.

Is this an educated guess or the case of the retailer knowing? Either way they seem to have jumped the Bullet Bill on that one.


Nintendo RPG coin collection get.

Back in April I brought news the Nintendo were releasing an RPG coin collection for those who bought Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. It was also noted at the time that the coins would be unavailable until October but now October is here and you know what that means.

The coins are actually pretty good quality with the name of the game on the front and their symbol on the back.  Not bad considering they were a free gift.

Box with outside sleeve

Coins in box




Pandora’s Tower front

Pandora’s Tower back

Xenoblade front

Xenoblade back

The Last Story front


The Last Story back

Nintendo News Roundup: Week Ending 3rd August 2012

Last week was all about the 3DSXL and some sale figures are in, how did it do? In the UK it either did great or terribly depending on who you believe so I’ll leave that one where the focus is on Japan. In Japan the XL sold 193,000 units but added with the standard 3DS this came to 235,974 which outsold the PS Vita (9,081) by 25 to 1!

Speaking of new versions of handheld consoles Nintendo has now released two new colours of the DSi. Expect a new colour of the Gamecube to be announced at E3 2013.

Whilst I’m on the subject of E3, it will be remaining in L.A. Until 2015. Expect Super Mario Universe to be shown then.

According to Nintendolife via Andriasang via inside gamer is that Dragon Quest X is expected to have support for 10 years. That would be pretty nifty if that did happen but I imagine that would just be the WiiU version and not the Wii.

For years I thought it was law, but apparently it wasn’t but now (as of the 30th July) it is illegal for shops to sell video games to those under-age. Games must now be PEGI rated and if a shop sells a game without an age certificate they can go to jail for two years and be fined any amount. That includes £3.50 or £20,000,000.

Nintendo News round up: Week ending 27th July 2012

That trailer just goes to show how much bigger (and better) the 3DSXL looks than the standard 3DS and today (28th July) it was released in Japan and European territories. The North American regions have to wait a little bit longer as they get the console on the 19th August.

Also released today in Japan is New Super Mario Bros. 2 and I must say I’m getting far too excited for this game. Nintendo have confirmed that there will also be a worldwide coin total which should surely clear off the deficit.

Speaking of Money Nintendo released its financial reports for Q1 and despite making a £140million loss they are confident that they will make a profit by year-end. This is due to the 3DSXL being cheaper to produce and the Christmas release of the WiiU.

There’s also a 3DS system update which does nothing aside from “Improve the overall stability of the system”. Hurrah for stability!

Sonic & All-stars racing has a release date and it’s the 16th November which is a little bit cheeky. Why you may ask? Well that’s Miyamoto’s birthday.

Whilst we’re talking of release dates Skylanders: Giants now has one and it’s the 19th October in Europe and the 21st in the NA regions. Also unveiled was a new character called Swarm. Expect a full Skylanders: Giants preview next week from yours truly.

Nintendo News roundup: Week ending 20th July 2012

There are quite a few Street Pass events dotted around the country and seeing as I don’t live in London I’ve not been to one. It is for that reason that my Puzzle swap pieces are abysmal but just to rub it in some more Nintendo have now released a new puzzle: Kirby 20th anniversary. It has 40 pieces and is available via Spot Pass now.

To keep with the modern age in social media Nintendo have released a Youtube channel for Nintendo Direct, exciting times surely? No, it’s currently just a Japanese channel and seeing as I don’t speak the language I have no idea what is going on.

Speaking of Japan the sales for June were announced and Pokémon Black & White 2 wiped the floor with the competition. Between then they resulted in 35% of all video games sold in Japan for June, that is despite only being released two days before the sales cut off point.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is one week away in Europe and will not include a second circle pad. This is despite HMV advertising in one of its stores that this happened, the best thing about this though was HMV’s flippant attempt at an apology. “If it’s caused anyone any issues then we’re sorry, but I’d say it doesn’t take much to work out this doesn’t represent the company’s retail offer for this release.” They told

Speaking of talking a load of rubbish infamous analyst Michael Pacther told Edge that Activision had requested Nintendo make the pro-controller. He then rather quickly backtracked saying that it was an educated guess.

Whilst we’re looking at outlandish things an anonymous tipster has told that Nintendo are trying to buy back Rare so they can get back the rights to Banjo Kazooie. Whilst I’d like to see Nintendo get Rare back, this is one outlandish rumour added by the fact that it’s from an anonymous source.

Nintendo News roundup: Week ending 13th July 2012

According to Nintendo of America the 3DS console passed the 5 million mark in June. In addition to that Ocarina of Time 3D has passed  1 million sales in the region joining Super Mario 3D land and Mario Kart 7. Next month sees New Super Mario Bros. 2 (both previous versions have sold 26 million world-wide) and this month sees the release of the 3DSXL so expect sales to jump once again.

Speaking of New Super Mario Bros. 2 a new trailer was released this week and I’m getting quite excited for this game. There’s nothing too innovative about it but sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

NSMB2 is released on the 17th August 2012 in the European regions, Australia get it on the 18th whilst the North American regions get it on the 19th. Yes, I can hear your outrage NA on getting the games two days after us but it’s fine because you’ll be finishing off The Last Story. That’s right, The Last Story has a NA release date and it is the 14th August 2012.

This week Angry Birds Trilogy was announced this week (Angry Birds, Rio and seasons) and will be released in cartridge format. It will have 3D and StreetPass and will retail for $29.99.

Project Sora, the development team behind Kid Icarus Rising, has disbanded. Not much else is known for this but the timing is strange as it was a couple of months after the release of the game but too soon to really oversee the online aspect.

Speaking of Kid Icarus, the AR cards went on sale this week in the UK. You can pick up and album and three packets for £5.99 whilst the packets of six are for sale at £1.50. They’re supposedly being sold in WH Smith, Spar, HMV and many other local retailers.

This week Nintendo President Satoru Iwata gave a great interview with The Independent which includes a look at the 3DSXL, WiiU, Nintendo’s first operating loss for over 20 years and of course he laughs. It’s definitely worth a read.

Club Nintendo (Europe) offers Mario Kart trophies

After hoarding my Club Nintendo stars in the hope that the gold Legend of Zelda Epona statue would make a triumphant return I decided it was time to give up. What would my options be? I currently have just over 10,000 stars which could get me the likes of Game & Watch Ball, a cool Mario statue, a SNES controller to play Wii games on or some groovy foam wall Nintendo characters.

All that has changed as Nintendo of Europe have now unveiled three new items on their site, Mario Kart 7 trophies.

These are pretty darn sweet.

Shell trophy: Wherever you decide to put it, everyone will be dazzled by the large, shiny Green Shell resting on top. It’s around 12 x 9cm in size and slim enough to be displayed anywhere.

Leaf Trophy: This sturdy brown trophy will blow away all your friends! With a large golden Super Leaf in the centre, it’s fetching as can be, and measuring around 12 x 10cm, it’s the perfect size for any shelf!

Special Trophy: It’s glitzy, golden design, with red detail and large crown resting on top, will make you feel as smiley as the face that adorns it. Measuring approx. 12 x 10cm.

All are available from Nintendo of Europe with a cost of 5,000 stars each which is the equivalent of 20 registered 3DS games (250 stars each). The trophies are a miniature version of any full-sized trophies offered in various national Nintendo Mario Kart 7 competitions running across Europe.

I opted for the Shell and Special trophies and I have 4,395 stars to go. It’s a good job the WiiU is released this year.

RPG Coin Collection: Check your inbox

Back in April I reported that (for Europe at least) once you registered Pandora’s Tower, Xen0blade Chronicles and The Last Story you would get a rather snazzy coin collection.

After more than two months of waiting Nintendo have finally sent out the e-mails saying the following:

We previously confirmed that you would be able to receive your Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Collection. Now we’d like to ask you to confirm where you would like us to deliver this Club Nintendo reward.

Please click the link below to be taken to the page where you can enter your delivery address details. We will keep these address details only for the purpose of delivering your Club Nintendo reward. Please note that we will begin deliveries of the Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Collection from the end of October.

We thank you for your patience and for being a Club Nintendo member. We hope you’ll enjoy your exclusive reward!

Your Nintendo Team

The time frame given can be “up to 8 weeks” which contradicts the Octobr time line and the best thing about it? You don’t need to use your star points to purchase the item. The e-mails were sent at 4pm BST today so check your e-mails and spam folders.

Nintendo Direct 3rd June 2012: WiiU

In a thirty minute pre-E3 presentation Nintendo president Satoru Iwata (who was clearly in front of a green screen) brought us some brief snippets of Wii U information. He started with the phrase

“Creating something unique” which he said is something that Nintendo has relied on since the beginning and will be showcased at E3 on Tuesday. However Nintendo Direct still gave us some things, here’s a brief run down of what was said.

  • The Wii U controller is now called the Wii U GamePad. Keeping it simple and is a tribute to the NES with the name, there goes my prediction of something like Portal/Stargate.
  • The Wii U GamePad now has analogue sticks rather than circle pads. They also press in like the PS3 analogue sticks.
  • The back of the controller has some mild changes with it being a bit more curved.
  • The NFC reader has been confirmed. NFC is the technology that Skylanders uses so expect to see this via action figures and cards.
  • There will also be a TV controller button that will allow you to control your TV with the GamePad.
  • Reconfirmed was gyro sensors and motion controls.
  • There will be a Black Wii U and GamePad.
  • There will also be a WiiU360 controller which was called the Wii U Pro Controller. It’s a 360 pad

Here is the WiiU360 controller

  • Is the WiiU the same or different? Apparently it’s both. The Wii brought families together in the room to play games, this aspect will still exist for WiiU. The console will also incorporate the connection online for house to house and with that the Miiverse.
  • The WiiU will have a plaza where you can ask people online for help on various aspects, they can then respond to your query.
  • This is a very Twitter-esque layout.
  • There will also be a video messenger option which you can use when your game is paused.
  • You can also post screen shots online via WiiU.
  • Obviously the touch screen dynamic will bring in a personal feel to certain messages (swapnote was mentioned here).
  • Shown rather briefly was a Mario world map with Mii’s offering some advice.
  • The Miiverse will be able to have local Mii’s, friend Mii’s and Mii’s in your region playing the same game. You’ll also see Mii’s hovering around tiles of other games you’ve not got.
  • There will also be a thing to stop spoilers but that wasn’t really expanded.
  • The Miiverse will also be on Phones, PCs and the 3DS later on.
  • In addition to that the GamePad will have a browser.

Is your body ready for Tuesday? Will non specific action figure be a new IP? Will we see some specs? Either way I’m excited.

I love you non specific action figure

Nintendo Direct 21st April 2012 summary (Europe)

For those who don’t know Nintendo Direct is a video event where you get one of the head honchos (usually Reggie or Iwata) of Nintendo telling us just what is coming up. Whilst there have only been a few of them they offer a great insight into the next few months. Europe was given a Nintendo Direct event yesterday which was presented by Satoru Shibata – Nintendo of Europe’s President. Here’s a summary of what was covered:

Mario Tennis Open: The release date in Europe is 25th May and as previously confirmed you can play using your Mii. The Mii can be customised with ‘over 200 items’ including costumes and racquets which allows you to change your style both aesthetically and physically. The game will also offer download play which means up to four can play using just one cart however the features of this have not been confirmed. Online will feature leader boards and Shibata has opened the challenge to beat him at the game.

Kid Icarus Uprising: Nintendo have confirmed the cards will be sold in stores across Europe after a team up with Panini. Whilst where they will be sold and how much for has not been confirmed I think they will be sold in packs of six for £1. The reason for this is the original Kid Icarus survey on Club Nintendo asked “If these cards were sold in packs of six for £1 how likely would you be to buy them?”.

Heroes of Ruin: Developed by n-Space and published by Square Enix Heroes of Ruin is an adventure RTS/RPG game which follows four mercenaries who are attempting to find a cure for the ruler of the city of Nexus, who is dying from a curse. The game will be released on the 15th June in the UK. In addition to that daily challenges will be updated in the game for a full year after release. Here’s the trailer:

Pokémon: There will be an update of the Pokédex 3D which will offer new information on those that will be in Black and White 2. In addition to that will be Pokémon AR Searcher (working title in Europe) which sounds like it will be a version of Face raiders but using the pocket monsters. Any you catch in this game will be able to be used in Black and White 2. Both will be for sale on the e-shop later this year.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion: Not much was added aside from it will be released in Autumn in Europe.

Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance): Again not much to add aside from the EU release of the 20th July.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Will be released on the 6th July.

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise: The European version will feature the Japanese song lists as well as the English versions and will also be released on the 6th July. That’s right two rhythm games on the same day.

Project Zero 2: Wii edition: The instruction booklet will include an AR bonus which you can use with Spirit Camera: The cursed memoir on the 3DS. The remake of Fatal Frame 2 will be released on the 29th June`.

Nintendo 3DS system updates: The major noticeable difference is that you can arrange your 3DS menu to include folders. In addition to that patches are being released for certain games to fix any glitches, the first being for MK7 which removes certain short cuts. This update will be on the 25th April.

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Despite being the third NSMB game, NSMB2 will be released for the 3DS in August. This was a huge surprise announcement and I will offer a full preview over the next few days.

Updated European Nintendo calendar:

25th April: 3DS system update

25th May: Mario Tennis

15th June: Heroes of Ruin

29th June: Project Zero 2

6th July: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

20th July: Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance)

August: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Autumn: Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Still missing in action: Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario and WiiU. Animal Crossing was mentioned on the Japanese Nintendo Direct and is scheduled for a release in Japan during Autumn.

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