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An extended leave of abscence.

Regular readers will have noticed the lack of regular updates. The reasons for this are numerous with slipping down the order of priorities in my life. As such I will be taking an extended leave of absence from updating the site.

This will be at least for 2012 and I will assess whether or not to keep it going when the new year rolls round.


Thanks so much to everyone who has read my reviews, previews, hidden gems, random features, history of gaming and some episode reviews.


Win: Xenoblade preorder posters

Oh yes people Nintendo of America have finally announced Xenoblade to be released on the 2nd April 2012. We in Europe received the game in August of last year and a few lucky souls received a Xenoblade Chronicles Poster.  These were three A1 size posters as shown:

Exciting times really isn’t it? Well I’ve kindly had some of these posters donated to me as they are mildly frayed at the end. These are still in pretty good nick so rather than chucking them out I thought why not have my first ever competition.

There are three sets of the three posters to give away so I thought I’d give three chances to win.

How do I win?

To win I’d like you to write an article on one of three things:

1) Your favourite hidden gem game for a recent Nintendo console (Wii, DS, 3DS).

2) How Operation Rainfall shows there’s still a place for fan power with the modern gamer.

3) What would you most like to see on the Nintendo WiiU (be creative but realistic!).

What are the rules?

You can be based anywhere in the world, that’s right NA you can win one of these bad boys.

You have until the 18th January 2012.

You can write as little or as much as you want, but remember the golden rule TL;DR. Don’t make it long for the sake of it.

All entries are to be e-mailed to

Please sign your e-mail with either your name as it appears on Facebook or your Twitter tag.

The winning article for each three will appear on the site.

If you win one of the three essays you cannot win the other.

You can enter all three competions but please only one entry per competion.

I will confirm your e-mail with a reply.

You don’t need to but it wouldn’t go amiss to like my page on Facebook or be following me on Twitter

Please also note that this contest is not being run by Nintendo, Operation Rainfall or anyone else other than myself.

Go wild!

Merry Christmas

Jesus? Friends? Family? Presents? A day off? Mr Hankey the Christmas poo?  Whatever it is I hope you have a fantastic day and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Nintendo Lee’s Hidden Gems

Nintendo Lee’s Hidden Gems is where I look at the hidden gems of this generation on Nintendo consoles.

This will be updated every Monday and with that will be three where I look at the NLHG of the current generation Nintendo Consoles (currently Wii, DS and 3DS) though every fourth week I will do a retro hidden gem and that could take me anywhere.  Now to appear on the list my only rule is I must have bought the game and played it though not necessarily completed it.  If a game turns out to be terrible in my eyes it will make the Failed NHLG list.

So due to that I have a wonderful new banner for this series designed by @MattTheDoctor to go alongside the new Category of NLHG.  To add to that there’s also a tab at the top which will be updated  with a link to all the past articles.

Oh and as announced before Nintendo Lee now has a Facebook page so just click the FB logo at the top of the right page and give it a like.

Oh yes and what’s that added?  It’s Google +1!


Oh yes I’ve finally got with the times and added a Nintendo Lee facebook page.  To get to it just head to the top of this page on the Nintendo Lee banner and click the Facebook logo.  If you’re not following me on Twitter you can do that buy pressing the Twitter logo and I’ve also added an RSS feed too.

My top four gaming sites: A shameless plug

There are a few great gaming blogs/sites out there and there’s a couple I like that aren’t your typical “big” IGN style sites and for me there are four fantastic ones there.

Nintendo wise there’s the that gives all sorts of great news and rumours whether it’s from cafe or whatever and always links to its sources. A good site to use.

If you want a site with more (p)reviews then is the place to be, everything from Wii, to 3DS, to retro to DSiware.

Non Nintendo wise there’s the very indy focused who have a fantastic podcast (though I still haven’t listened to last weeks where I apparently get a plug!). Seriously go check them out as a few of my pieces appear there.

Then there’s who have a great mix of (p)reviews and features mainly on the 360/Ps3/PC side of things. This month they’re focusing on Rockstar Games so if you like GTA/RDR or can’t wait for LA Noire head on over!

There are of course the like of Kotaku, Game informer and IGN but I’m sure they have enough fans!


We’re back in full swing from tomorrow, but for now I’d just like to comment on all the rumours doing the rounds on Twitter and what have you of various Nintendo employees dying in the quake.  NOA have confirmed that these are hoaxes and no Nintendo employees died as a result of the quake.

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