Nintendo News Roundup: Week Ending 3rd August 2012

Last week was all about the 3DSXL and some sale figures are in, how did it do? In the UK it either did great or terribly depending on who you believe so I’ll leave that one where the focus is on Japan. In Japan the XL sold 193,000 units but added with the standard 3DS this came to 235,974 which outsold the PS Vita (9,081) by 25 to 1!

Speaking of new versions of handheld consoles Nintendo has now released two new colours of the DSi. Expect a new colour of the Gamecube to be announced at E3 2013.

Whilst I’m on the subject of E3, it will be remaining in L.A. Until 2015. Expect Super Mario Universe to be shown then.

According to Nintendolife via Andriasang via inside gamer is that Dragon Quest X is expected to have support for 10 years. That would be pretty nifty if that did happen but I imagine that would just be the WiiU version and not the Wii.

For years I thought it was law, but apparently it wasn’t but now (as of the 30th July) it is illegal for shops to sell video games to those under-age. Games must now be PEGI rated and if a shop sells a game without an age certificate they can go to jail for two years and be fined any amount. That includes £3.50 or £20,000,000.


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