Nintendo News round up: Week ending 27th July 2012

That trailer just goes to show how much bigger (and better) the 3DSXL looks than the standard 3DS and today (28th July) it was released in Japan and European territories. The North American regions have to wait a little bit longer as they get the console on the 19th August.

Also released today in Japan is New Super Mario Bros. 2 and I must say I’m getting far too excited for this game. Nintendo have confirmed that there will also be a worldwide coin total which should surely clear off the deficit.

Speaking of Money Nintendo released its financial reports for Q1 and despite making a £140million loss they are confident that they will make a profit by year-end. This is due to the 3DSXL being cheaper to produce and the Christmas release of the WiiU.

There’s also a 3DS system update which does nothing aside from “Improve the overall stability of the system”. Hurrah for stability!

Sonic & All-stars racing has a release date and it’s the 16th November which is a little bit cheeky. Why you may ask? Well that’s Miyamoto’s birthday.

Whilst we’re talking of release dates Skylanders: Giants now has one and it’s the 19th October in Europe and the 21st in the NA regions. Also unveiled was a new character called Swarm. Expect a full Skylanders: Giants preview next week from yours truly.


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