The Beauty of Kootie

Now it’s time for Episode 4 of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. The Beauty of Kootie. As ever Princess Toadstool will be called Peach, Bowser/Koopa will be used interchangeably and for this episode only I will call Wendy Kootie as it’s in the episode title.

The episode opens with the Sultan of Desert land in the bath when the water turns to oil so the most logical thing in the episode happens: he calls the Mario brothers because they are plumbers. It should be noted that the Sultan sounds like the exact voice you would put on if you were pretending to be Indian.

“Where has the oil come from?” Toad asks in what is one of his only two lines of the episode, no Scrappy Dooing for you today. Well the oil comes from Kootie and Larry who are stealing the oil for Bowser Dubya Koopa. Kootie and Larry keep changing colours for some reason including Larry having a purple head at one point. Larry’s plan is to use one of the wands to turn Kootie into ‘Mario’s dream girl’ and he does it but she still has a tail.

Isn’t she loooooooovely?

Right on cue Mario and Luigi walk in and Mario gives out a huge “Whoa!” in true 1940’s Looney Tunes perving. Kootie introduces herself as ‘Lady Fettuccine Alfredo’ because Mario’s Italian and likes Pasta I assume. Luigi points out her tail and she’s offended. She hits Luigi with it and Mario fails to notice this.

Somehow a table with candles and spaghetti turns up without any explanation. Romantic or what? Kootie leads the other characters to the dungeon for some reason leaving Mario and Luigi behind. Larry removes the spell and Mario’s disgusted that he fell for his rivals 16 year old daughter. The Koopaling’s hit the brothers with oil and are blasted away.

Bowser turns up to gloat to the Sultan and we have a quick shot of Mario and Luigi who climb a pipe. The manage to climb up and escape just as Kootie says to Peach “you’ll never see the Mario brothers again”. Peach sees this and doesn’t hide this fact very well. Somehow though Mario and Luigi sneak in behind Kootie and Larry and steal the magic wand.

What’s the plan? Well Mario turns Luigi into Casanova Koopa. If you believe that the Koopalings and Bowser have the surname of Koopa this could be pretty awkward. Mario tells Luigi to put on a different voice and he ends up with a suave sexy voice, it is hilarious.

No I’m definitely not Luigi

Luigi goes straight in with the kiss and asks for privacy and Kootie kicks everyone out of the dungeon. Larry turns colour again as Kootie accidentally turns Luigi back. She then shouts “Auuugh I’ve been kissed by a plumber” which reminds me of Lucy van Pelt in my Christmas tradition movie: A Charlie Brown Christmas when Snoopy kisses her.

The Koopalings chase Luigi up the stairs where you see Mario and the gang who have done some sort of plan. Peach turns a pipe to fire oil which means one thing: music interlude time. The music ends with Bowser getting hit by water and asks for the Doom Ship and within 5 seconds it’s smashed through the wall of the castle.

You know in SMB3 when you get a letter from one of the kings? I always read that in an Indian accent, and the more the Sultan speaks in this episode makes me think I got this from this episode as a kid. What happens next I’m not sure on but somehow the Sultans castle collapses due to water and oil combo and Mario is on a pipe thing that looks like a camel.

Pre-FLUDD days

The Doom Ship has turned green and Mario hits it with with oil and Bowser and his crew run off.  Luigi finds the wand which fixes the palace and the episode ends with some Mario/Luigi bickering.

How do Mario and Luigi beat Bowser? By pouring oil into the Doom Ship despite the whole episode being about Larry, Kootie and Bowser wanting to steal said oil.



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