This week in gaming history: 21st – 27th July

What could possibly go wrong?

On the 21st July 1995 Nintendo released a console in Japan that they promised would “Totally immerse players into their own private universe.” The 3D monochrome experience just seemed to give a headache rather than immersion.

The now infamous Virtual Boy is one of the biggest flops in gaming history selling 770,000 units worldwide and didn’t even last a year. The console only had 22 games released (19 in JP and 14 in NA) and it never saw the light of day in Europe.

What else happened?

24th July 2001 Max Payne was released in NA whilst Europe got the game on the 27th. The series has since spawned another two games and a film released in 2008.

25th July 1961 Sir Clive Sinclair founded Sinclair Radionics which was the forerunner of the company that would lead to the ZX Spectrum.

26th July 1984 Monty Mole first made his appearance in Wanted: Monty Mole and resulted in another five games during the 80s. He shouldn’t be confused with Monty Mole from Mario, they share a name but the Nintendo one appeared some years later.

27th July 1990 Dr Mario was released in the NA region and has now caused me to sing the Chill music from the game.


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