Mind your Mummy Mommy, Mario

It’s time for Episode 3 of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, I’ll try to get an episode ‘review’ up every week. This episode is called Mind your Mummy Mommy, Mario. As ever Toadstool will be called Peach, Bowser/Koopa will be used interchangeably and I will use the Koopalings game names (in this case Lemmy and Iggy rather than Hip and Hop).

We start with Lemmy and Iggy in the Pyramid from world 2 of SM3. Their voices are incredibly annoying as they sound like 5-year-old kids. Anyhow they are looking for a Mummy case but are spooked by Dry Bones and they smash a pot. This causes another Mummy case to make Mario jumping noises and they get scared even more. They quickly grab the case which looks like Mario and run off. The other case opens and a Mummy comes to life to chase them.

We cut to Mario sleeping and he has a duvet that has mushrooms, a raccoon leaf and blocks on it. Oh he’s also sleeping holding a spanner and a plunger (because you know he’s a plumber). Just to top it off his moustache is brown rather than the normal black and the M has vanished from his hat (why is he sleeping with his hat on?).

Sheer bliss!

He’s rudely awaken by a Mushroom boy who tells them that a Mummy is attacking Desert Land. We cut to the Mummy chasing two Mushroom’s and she’s asking “Where is my son?”. Yup you’ve guessed what’s coming I bet she’ll think Mario is her son.

Lemmy and Iggy run off with the Mario look-alike mummy but the original Mummy is kicking right off throwing stuff all over the shop. The Mario brothers, Toad and Peach turn up and through a process of elimination Peach decides that Mario should handle the Mummy and they should go stop the Koopalings.

Within about 5 seconds the Mummy sees Mario and as expected thinks Mario is her son. Mario runs off but with no effort at all is caught by the Mummy who promptly gives him a kiss. As Luigi and co. are chasing the Koopalings but the airship comes and saves the day. Thanks Bowser for that who tries to rub salt in the wound by noting that they were the youngest Koopalings and could still succeed. Next up is Toad showing why I hate him in the cartoons “I dare you to come back and say that to my face”, he’s almost like Scrappy Doo.

Lemme at em! Lemme at em!

Luigi’s a bit upset at Mario being kidnapped and for some reason they need a map to know where the pyramid is despite being there earlier in the episode. Toad notes he has a cousin who sells maps and we see the cousin who seems to be a wheeler-dealer. Mario is the Mushroom Kingdoms hero and this map is needed to save them but Toad’s cousin still charges Princess Peach for the map. He even calls her your highness, it would be like the Queen asking me for a map so she could save James Bond and me charging her.

Back in the pyramid and Mario is told he’s cranky and needs to have a 10,000 year nap and is wrapped up in bandages. He hops away but the Mummy stops him. What I don’t get is why the Mummy is treating Mario like a kid, I get that he looks like her son but he has a moustache. Unless her son is a hipster then he would be an adult, surely.

We cut to Luigi who is in raccoon mood and pulling a ‘steam cloud balloon’ which has never appeared in a game. It’s basically a hot air balloon disguised as a cloud and doesn’t really make any sense. A tweester comes and breaks the balloon. Luigi is quite upset by this.

Really, really upset.

Ever the optimist Peach offers some reassurance “At least Koopa’s guards haven’t spotted us” which is a good point. It’s not like you have anyone in the party who will look over the top of the cast and shout “Until now” causing Paragoombas to fly off telling Bowser. Oh wait you do, he’s called Toad. Good going.

Somehow they just walk off and find the original Mario style mummy case and Luigi wonders what would Mario do? I bet WWMD bracelets would sell well unless someone pointed out the similarities to Weapons of Mass Destruction, I think I’ll nix that idea. So what would Mario do? Apparently he would make the Mummy case into a sled (in desert land!) using the balloon thing. The Paragoombas are shown talking to Bowser who then calls out Peach but the gang use the Sled to escape as we enter song mode for a minute or so.

We then cut to the Mummy as Mario has noticed she’s asleep and escapes with a high jump, and sees the gang. Luigi gives Mario a hug which somehow makes the bandages fall off his face and Peach unties something at the back which makes him spin and the rest fall off. She then asks where the Mummy is and Mario says “I left her in the tomb, there’s no way she can get to us”. Before he’s even finished saying the word tomb she’s smashed through the wall of the pyramid. She’s a bit annoyed about this but Peach points out the error that Mario’s not her son. She says Mario looks nothing like her son but Luigi looks like her husband and the gang run off to end the episode.

No real reason, I just love this picture.


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