Nintendo News roundup: Week ending 13th July 2012

According to Nintendo of America the 3DS console passed the 5 million mark in June. In addition to that Ocarina of Time 3D has passed  1 million sales in the region joining Super Mario 3D land and Mario Kart 7. Next month sees New Super Mario Bros. 2 (both previous versions have sold 26 million world-wide) and this month sees the release of the 3DSXL so expect sales to jump once again.

Speaking of New Super Mario Bros. 2 a new trailer was released this week and I’m getting quite excited for this game. There’s nothing too innovative about it but sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

NSMB2 is released on the 17th August 2012 in the European regions, Australia get it on the 18th whilst the North American regions get it on the 19th. Yes, I can hear your outrage NA on getting the games two days after us but it’s fine because you’ll be finishing off The Last Story. That’s right, The Last Story has a NA release date and it is the 14th August 2012.

This week Angry Birds Trilogy was announced this week (Angry Birds, Rio and seasons) and will be released in cartridge format. It will have 3D and StreetPass and will retail for $29.99.

Project Sora, the development team behind Kid Icarus Rising, has disbanded. Not much else is known for this but the timing is strange as it was a couple of months after the release of the game but too soon to really oversee the online aspect.

Speaking of Kid Icarus, the AR cards went on sale this week in the UK. You can pick up and album and three packets for £5.99 whilst the packets of six are for sale at £1.50. They’re supposedly being sold in WH Smith, Spar, HMV and many other local retailers.

This week Nintendo President Satoru Iwata gave a great interview with The Independent which includes a look at the 3DSXL, WiiU, Nintendo’s first operating loss for over 20 years and of course he laughs. It’s definitely worth a read.


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