Development history

Don’t worry people I’ve not forgotten about you, I just have a lot on at the moment. Expect the site to be back into full swing within a week or so but in the meanwhile here’s a cool thing I noticed on the back of Nintendo game boxes.

The little codes on the back of games match up to one of the development names.  This includes:

  • The N64 (NUS) which was called Nintendo Ultra 64 and was also known as Project Reality.
  • Gamecube (DOL) which was named Project Dolphin.
  • The DS (NTR) which was called Nitro.
  • The Wii was known as Revolution hence the RVL.
  • The 3DS development kit was called the CTR.

Expect to see WiiU games with CAF (Project Cafe) on the back of the boxes. It could well be one of those glaringly obvious things I’ve never noticed before.


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