Nintendo this year made the unprecedented move of having a hardware Nintendo Direct on Sunday, a major WiiU focus on Tuesday and today we get the 3DS software announcements, I guess you could call this E3DS. As is tradition with E3 announcements you will get a live discussion type run through with proper analysis over the next day or two.

  • We open with Reggie. He introduces Scott Moffitt.
  • He introduces Non-Specific Action figure. Reggie doesn’t like him.
  • The focus of this presentation is 3DS with some stuff we’ve not seen before. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • Some sales are plugged. SM3DLand 2m, MK7 1.6m OOT 1m.
  • Moffitt plugs how well some third parties are doing.
  • The first game is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate
  • Visually it looks impressive, a nice mid of 3D and 2D. It’s the same trailer we’ve already seen.
  • Dave Cox a producer at Konami comes to stage.
  • This is a 3DS exclusive.
  • Some gameplay is shown, it looks good with big combos and a more action adventure feel.
  • Do well you get better abilities.
  • You can charge up weapons for bigger attacks but you’re vulnerable whilst it’s doing this.
  • Of course the platforming element is still here with double jumps.
  • As a few people have pointed out the lighting on this is amazing.
  • There are four playable characters.
  • It will tell us more about the Belmont family.
  • Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is shown.
  • It’s the same trailer as yesterday with a couple of extra bits thrown in.
  • Shown is a beam with multi colour.
  • Visually it’s good but in a different way to Castlevania. Very colourful in style and substance.
  • The aim is to give him a bit more respect.
  • The trailer’s now on Eshop.
  • It’ll be released this holiday season physical and digital download.
  • Warren Spector and Peter Ong take Stage to talk about Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.
  • Ong pays tribute to Castle of Illusion and how important it has been in his career. He says he played it once a day (and finished it).
  • Trailer showed including some Thwomp style things.
  • It has a damn fine artwork with levels based on Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast and many more.
  • Out 18th November.
  • Paper Mario Sticker Star marks Paper Mario’s debut on handheld.
  • The stickers are shown off.
  • Colours look very sharp.
  • There is a cool battle shown where you actually see the corner of the world.
  • This returns back to 64 and Thousand Year Doors turn based battles.
  • There are 3D (like non paper characters) items that can be used.
  • The way the stickers are used seem cool as they’re used in battle and not. The example shown is planting flowers for Toad.
  • Look around, stickers are everywhere.
  • You can get Exp for exploring ala Xenoblade.
  • You can turn the above mentioned 3D items into stickers.
  • I love the Paper Mario games, I’m quite excited for this.
  • When you use the 3D sticker you can use it for powerful moves. They show using a fan which appears up the background where a 2001 space odyssey esque music and the fan moves the windmills sails.
  • Out this holiday season.
  • Trailer on Eshop.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • Nothing really new we’ve not seen already really.
  • Seems all the games tonight look visually pleasing yet all very different.
  • A demo is coming soon.
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited 3DS is shown, it’s a different trailer from yesterday.
  • Promises to unearth Maxwells story.
  • Lego Batman 2 is coming to 3DS.
  • As is Transformers Prime.
  • As well as Rabbids Rumble (deathly silence).
  • Heroes of Ruin (of course).
  • Pokémon Black and White 2 is mentioned.
  • Today is the one year Nintendo eShop.
  • The average user has 4.7 paid for games.
  • There have been 58million Swapnote messages exchanged worldwide.
  • They mention five eShop titles that have passed 1million downloads. All are free.
  • Some TV show is shown, it looks terrible it’s called Threediots. Good grief.
  • Pokémon eShop apps and demos are mentioned again.
  • You can get Batman Lego 2 demo in NA right now.
  • New Super Mario Bros 2 will be a download game as well.
  • As mentioned yesterday the focus is gold.
  • Always believe in your soul.
  • You’re indestructible.
  • There’s more to the game than gold of course.
  • You need to collect 1 million coins in the game.
  • Coin Rush is a new street pass mode. It’s a speed mode with one life.
  • Multiplayer is available in full game.
  • That’s co-op which is available via local play.
  • That’s one game, two 3DS.
  • Also Raccoon Mario is in full use here.
  • August 19th release date.
  • Nothing too exciting announced but seeing the games in play make me want to play it some more.
  • Animal Crossing still missing in action.

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