Three games shown at E3 that have a bit of a past.

History is something that is very important in video games: Where would Metal Gear Solid be without the NES games? Where would Mario be without Donkey Kong? Where would Tetris be without communism? Exactly. Here’s a brief look at three new IPs and the past they’re influenced by.

Project P-100 and Viewtiful Joe

Project P-100 will definitely be up there with Little King’s Story in being a hidden gem. I hope it ends doing better as this game has tons of potential. I will be doing a full preview of this game (as well as a couple of other ‘hidden gems’ but for the meanwhile here’s the trailer:

Well for the most part it involves bright colours, superheroes and quirky humour. What other game has that? Viewtiful Joe which had four games in the series ranging from 2003-2005 all published by Capcom. Just a coincidence? Well Viewtiful Joe was developed by Clover Studio (also of Okami fame) which closed in 2006. Most of Clover staff went over to Platinum games who are the developers of Project P-100. Just to prove for definite the influence: the directors of both games is Hideki Kamiya.

ZombiU is based on Dawn of the Dead.

It was Ubisoft who showed us this game which had me coloured intruiged from the second I saw it. I guess I just like the fact that it’s set in the UK. Here’s the trailer:

Aside from learning the second verse of the national anthem with that video the good people at NintendoLife (no relation) pointed out something about the past of Ubisoft. The first ever game they made was called Zombi which was released for the Amstrad CPC in 1986. That game was influenced by Dawn of the Dead the film by George A. Romero and the second film in the Living Dead Series. Sure it’s a nice link and all but it gets deeper, the film was released in Italy as Zombi and whilst it had an official sequel in Day of the Dead (1985) there was an unofficial sequel released called Zombi 2. This was followed by Zombi 3, Zombi 4 and Zombi 5 which would explain the weird spelling of the title.

Tank! Tank! Tank! is linked to Nintendo’s best Easter Egg.

This is another game that will be covered in my hidden gems feature but take a look at the trailer:

Tank! Tank! Tank! was actually originally released in arcades in 2009 by Namco Bandai in Japan and North America and gained a bit of a cult following in some circles. The game itself claimed to be a spiritual successor to the 1995 game Tokyo Wars (also by Namco) which in turn was a spiritaul successor to a 1979 Atari game called Tank! Obviously with the name and the exclamation mark there is a nice nod from Namco about this. However it doesn’t stop there, another spiritual sucessor to Tank! is the 1980 game Battlezone (and obviously the 1998 remake and1999 game Battlezone II). In 1992 a game called X was released by Nintendo for the Gameboy which was heavily influenced by Battlezone. Why is this so important? It marks the first known appearance of Totaka’s song.

There’s a lot of history in games when you dig around.


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