E3: WiiUbisoft

With EA failing to announce any WiiU games all eyes fell to Ubisofts conference and they did not let us down by announcing a total of Eight Wii U titles.  Some are very casual, some are very hardcore and some are in the middle.  So what are they?


Assassins Creed III: Will span Thirty years including before, during and after the American War of independence. You will fight on both sides and this will be through an array of terrains and seasons.

Avengers Battle for Earth: This sort of looks like an upscaled version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance which could work well, no game play was shown.

Just Dance 4: This is pretty self-explanatory.

Rabbids Land: Nothing shown of this.

Rayman Legends: The stunning visuals of Origins mixed with the Gamepad of the WiiU. With that we saw a new character called Murphy and the game can have up to five players at one time. There was a great level shown which was very rhythmic in nature, this game looks brilliant.

Sports Connection: Looks like Ubisofts attempt at Wii Sports and Mario Kart mixed in one.

Your Shape: Keep fit and all that jazz.

Zombi U: All I can say on this is wow, just watch the trailer:


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