E3: What’s in the box?

With Sunday’s Nintendo Direct being about the online functionalities of the Wii U and tomorrow being a Nintendo 3DS showcase it makes sense to assume that today will all about the Wii U software.

As a result of that many predictions have cropped up (and I’ve even made my own) ranging from Mario to Ice Climber to Startropics however one aspect seems to be largely ignored: What will be in that box? Here’s three guesses as to what we’ll see, two are outlandish and are more hopes and the other is as likely as Miyamoto “not being at E3 but oh wait he’s really here”.


It is clearly obvious that there will be at least the Gamepad in the WiiU box, but what else? It won’t come supplied with a Wiimote or a nunchuck for one  reason: the Wii is the biggest selling console of this generation, if you’re buying a WiiU chances are you already have one.

If you want to cater to the core audience the console also needs to have an option where the gimmick controller isn’t used. This was something that picked up steam towards the end of the Wii’s life time with the Classic Controller being used more and more. It’s a long shot but I would not be surprised to see the Wii U Pro Controller bundled in with the console at the request of certain third parties. I’ll probably be proven wrong as Nintendo traditionally like to get you to buy more controllers, but I can hope can’t I?

OK Microsoft you can have Smart Glass if we can have this controller. Deal?


To showcase the new way of controlling the Wii had Wii Sports whilst the 3DS had Face raiders. These were great ways of getting people used to the 3D aspect or how to play with motion controls with Wii Sports proving an insanely popular game which is just as fun today as it was six years ago. The following video was showcased last year and whilst being a tech demo I can pretty much guarantee that this will end up into a WiU sports type game.


Near field contact technology is that which we have seen in Skylanders, it’s that which we’ve seen with various phones allowing you to make purchases in shops. It was announced on Sunday that the WiiU Gamepad will use NFC technology which will allow for lots of potential though cards or figures. The best way to showcase this would be to include a NFC figure with the console for use in the above mentioned Wii U Sports game, whether this is Mario or even Non-specific Action Figure it would be a nice addition.

Any excuse to use this picture.


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