Tenuous links: A true Super Mario World sequel?

During their latest Nintendo direct video a few very brief clip of a Mario game for the Wii U was shown and the more I look at it the more it seems like it may well be a true sequel to Super Mario World (I am fully aware of Yoshi’s Island being SMW2 but it was quite clearly a very different game to its predecessor).

Screen Grab from the video.

I could be just looking way too much into this or I may have a case, either way assess what you think and reach your conclusions. So let’s have a look:

1) When I saw this part of the map it made me think of the actual world map of Super Mario World, in case you need a refresher here it is:

Super Mario World map

2) Has the phrase “A baby Yoshi that balloons up to carry you? Too cute”.  Yoshi’s first appearance was in SMW but also in the game was a power up that allowed Mario (or Luigi) to become a balloon and float into the sky.

3) Is just some jagged rocks, what does that have to do with anything? Here’s a level shown in this screen footage where you get a closer look at the rocks:

I love the background on this

Now compare this to:

Say what’s that in the background?

4) Whilst the previous three are less tenuous links I think with the comment on the flying squirrel opens the possibility of seeing Mario in full 2D flight mode for the first time since World?

So what do you think? Is something there or is it just a case of looking for things that aren’t there? I guess we’ll find out Tuesday.


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