Nintendo Direct 3rd June 2012: WiiU

In a thirty minute pre-E3 presentation Nintendo president Satoru Iwata (who was clearly in front of a green screen) brought us some brief snippets of Wii U information. He started with the phrase

“Creating something unique” which he said is something that Nintendo has relied on since the beginning and will be showcased at E3 on Tuesday. However Nintendo Direct still gave us some things, here’s a brief run down of what was said.

  • The Wii U controller is now called the Wii U GamePad. Keeping it simple and is a tribute to the NES with the name, there goes my prediction of something like Portal/Stargate.
  • The Wii U GamePad now has analogue sticks rather than circle pads. They also press in like the PS3 analogue sticks.
  • The back of the controller has some mild changes with it being a bit more curved.
  • The NFC reader has been confirmed. NFC is the technology that Skylanders uses so expect to see this via action figures and cards.
  • There will also be a TV controller button that will allow you to control your TV with the GamePad.
  • Reconfirmed was gyro sensors and motion controls.
  • There will be a Black Wii U and GamePad.
  • There will also be a WiiU360 controller which was called the Wii U Pro Controller. It’s a 360 pad

Here is the WiiU360 controller

  • Is the WiiU the same or different? Apparently it’s both. The Wii brought families together in the room to play games, this aspect will still exist for WiiU. The console will also incorporate the connection online for house to house and with that the Miiverse.
  • The WiiU will have a plaza where you can ask people online for help on various aspects, they can then respond to your query.
  • This is a very Twitter-esque layout.
  • There will also be a video messenger option which you can use when your game is paused.
  • You can also post screen shots online via WiiU.
  • Obviously the touch screen dynamic will bring in a personal feel to certain messages (swapnote was mentioned here).
  • Shown rather briefly was a Mario world map with Mii’s offering some advice.
  • The Miiverse will be able to have local Mii’s, friend Mii’s and Mii’s in your region playing the same game. You’ll also see Mii’s hovering around tiles of other games you’ve not got.
  • There will also be a thing to stop spoilers but that wasn’t really expanded.
  • The Miiverse will also be on Phones, PCs and the 3DS later on.
  • In addition to that the GamePad will have a browser.

Is your body ready for Tuesday? Will non specific action figure be a new IP? Will we see some specs? Either way I’m excited.

I love you non specific action figure


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    Deseo mucha mas escrito de tu parte. Magistral!!

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