E3 2012: Yes, no, maybe.

I suppose the nature of E3 is that there are that many rumours swirling around in the pit of the internet. Here you can see three games that are guaranteed to be in Nintendo’s E3, three that may well be, three that are outside bets for a surprise and three that definitely won’t be.


Yay we’re getting a sequel.

New Super Mario Bros. Mii/World: This was shown last year and last night on Nintendo direct, whilst the name and premise hasn’t been announced it is a NSMB game that will allow you to play as your Mii. I have made some tenuous links to see a similarity to Super Mario World but we’re definitely seeing a Mario game at E3.

Pikmin 3: “I certainly don’t think we’ve seen the last of Pikmin. I definitely would like to do something with them, and I think the Wii interface in particular is very well suited to that franchise.” Said Miyamoto in 2007, since then we’ve not seen much of our small friends aside from seeing them in Smash Bros. Brawl and the New Play control re-release. This has been confirmed several times by Nintendo since January of this year.

Lego City Stories: TT fusion has brought us Rock Band, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Batman in Lego format. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a GTA style Lego game? Of course there would be which is where Lego City Stories comes in. Not much is known about the game but it will be published by Nintendo and will be a case of saving citizens rather than destroying them and their cars.


*Insert do a barrell roll joke*

Star Fox: The last time we had a console Star Fox game was on the Gamecube and even then it was a huge difference from what people loved from the series. I quite liked Star Fox adventures and assault but I do know many who feel the last true Star Fox game was Lylat Wars for the N64 (ignoring the excellent command for the DS). Miyamoto hasn’t been shy with how much he likes the series and the fact that Lylat wars was re-released last year for the 3DS shows the seeds have been shown here.

F-Zero: If ever there’s a series that goes hand in hand with Star Fox it’s F-Zero, with in jokes on both and a futuristic setting F-Zero is a great racing game. Ignoring Wipeout on the Vita the last time we saw F-Zero in the west was the GBA title GP legend. A few hints have been dropped throughout the year and the WiiU Gamepad would be brilliant for an F-Zero game.

Zelda HD: Really I think this will make an appearance, we’ve seen the Twilight Princess style tech demo a few times and that is all but a given that we’ll see at least a teaser.

Long Shot:

Lego of me Metroids!

Metroid: Here’s a shocker: I liked Metroid Other M. I thought the game play was brilliant and despite people complaining about Samus’ whining I thought that it was very natural considering the setting and stress for that specific time. The question on this Metroid is will it be your other M and classic game play or will it be the same as the Prime trilogy? Last year one of the tech demos was a brief Metroid level which allowed you to control for help using the Gamepad seeing the bird’s eye view on there and seeing the first person view on the TV.

Luigi’s Mansion Wii U: This was one of those outlandish rumours doing the rounds a few weeks ago with certain retailers listing Luigi’s Mansion 2 as a Wii U game, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. We’ve seen nothing of Luigi’s Mansion 2 since E3 of last year, not even new screen shots or game play video. Does that mean it’s actually changed console? Does it mean we could get two versions? Or am I just looking too much into it?

Ice Climber: A launch title for the NES in North America Ice Climber is one of those games that is challenging and fun at the same time. This game was largely ignored until Smash Bros. Melee when Popo and Nana were included as fighters and they also appeared in Brawl. Will they show up as a 3DS title? Will the Gamepad offer a new level of depth to the game?

Yeah you’re not seeing these:


I love you Non-Specific action figure

Non-Specific Action Figure: Is this the greatest possibility of a game? Sadly not, the video on Nintendo Direct was clearly tongue in cheek although it would be the greatest reveal of a new IP ever.

Metroid and Star Fox cross over: Samus is a tall pretty lady, Fox is a short fox. Samus has massive ships, Starfox does not. They’re set in space and in the future but are two very different games.

Earthbound WiiU: Just get over it, we’re not getting another Earthbound game let alone a WiiU release game.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow at Nintendo’s E3 conference.



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