E3 2011: One year on

“The goal of innovation should be brought to every player.” it was at last years Electronic Entertainment Expo that Watt spoke those words and as we approach E3 2012 it’s worth having a look at last years conference and to assess whether it lived up to its promise.

There were three main focuses with regards to E3 2011: Zelda, 3DS and Wii U.


Where to even start with Zelda’s 2011? Links Awakening DX on 3DS virtual console, a free download of Four Swords, Ocarina of time 3D, the Zelda symphony and of course Skyward Sword. Whilst I missed out on the Zelda symphony orchestra the rest was a fantastic tribute to a great franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary. It definitely lived up to its promise.

Wii U

Ignoring the rumour mill of it being better and worse than the 360/PS3/Wii/Atari Jaguar there’s not much really been officially said about the console. The downside is that despite an announcement at last years conference Metro Last Light is no longer in development. At least we’re still getting Assassins Creed though. All in all an air of mystery: Will it have a new name? Will it look different? When is it released? What games will we see? Not long to find out.


Considering this time last year the E3 was deemed a flop and the biggest selling title in the UK was Rayman 3D shows just how much was done on the console in the past Twelve months.

  • Mario Kart 7 was showcased and frankly it’s rather superb including the first time that Nintendo has ever done a ‘patch’ on a game.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced and has been missing in action for the year. Rumours abound that this may shift over to the WiiU.
  • Star Fox 64 3D came out and I forgot just how good Lylat wars was. I rarely play it but I did get the game for cheap.
  • Super Mario 3D Land had that perfect blend of an easy to pick up Mario game mixed with the challenge of mastering it. This came (and the 3DS price cut) has been one of those that will be seen as kick starting the console.
  • Kid Icarus may have weird controls but damn I love the game. Great mix of gameplay with stunning visuals and clever banter as well as AR cards.
  • The Eshop was finally released and since then it has gone from strength to strength, mix that with the Nintendo network (expect more at E3) and it seems like Nintendo are finally grasping this online malarkey.

All in all it was a great year for the 3DS but for the rest of Nintendo it wasn’t so much and they even registered their first loss since 1981. Still there is a lot to be seen at E3 2012, the preview will appear in the next day or so.


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