Nintendo Direct 21st April 2012 summary (Europe)

For those who don’t know Nintendo Direct is a video event where you get one of the head honchos (usually Reggie or Iwata) of Nintendo telling us just what is coming up. Whilst there have only been a few of them they offer a great insight into the next few months. Europe was given a Nintendo Direct event yesterday which was presented by Satoru Shibata – Nintendo of Europe’s President. Here’s a summary of what was covered:

Mario Tennis Open: The release date in Europe is 25th May and as previously confirmed you can play using your Mii. The Mii can be customised with ‘over 200 items’ including costumes and racquets which allows you to change your style both aesthetically and physically. The game will also offer download play which means up to four can play using just one cart however the features of this have not been confirmed. Online will feature leader boards and Shibata has opened the challenge to beat him at the game.

Kid Icarus Uprising: Nintendo have confirmed the cards will be sold in stores across Europe after a team up with Panini. Whilst where they will be sold and how much for has not been confirmed I think they will be sold in packs of six for £1. The reason for this is the original Kid Icarus survey on Club Nintendo asked “If these cards were sold in packs of six for £1 how likely would you be to buy them?”.

Heroes of Ruin: Developed by n-Space and published by Square Enix Heroes of Ruin is an adventure RTS/RPG game which follows four mercenaries who are attempting to find a cure for the ruler of the city of Nexus, who is dying from a curse. The game will be released on the 15th June in the UK. In addition to that daily challenges will be updated in the game for a full year after release. Here’s the trailer:

Pokémon: There will be an update of the Pokédex 3D which will offer new information on those that will be in Black and White 2. In addition to that will be Pokémon AR Searcher (working title in Europe) which sounds like it will be a version of Face raiders but using the pocket monsters. Any you catch in this game will be able to be used in Black and White 2. Both will be for sale on the e-shop later this year.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion: Not much was added aside from it will be released in Autumn in Europe.

Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance): Again not much to add aside from the EU release of the 20th July.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Will be released on the 6th July.

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise: The European version will feature the Japanese song lists as well as the English versions and will also be released on the 6th July. That’s right two rhythm games on the same day.

Project Zero 2: Wii edition: The instruction booklet will include an AR bonus which you can use with Spirit Camera: The cursed memoir on the 3DS. The remake of Fatal Frame 2 will be released on the 29th June`.

Nintendo 3DS system updates: The major noticeable difference is that you can arrange your 3DS menu to include folders. In addition to that patches are being released for certain games to fix any glitches, the first being for MK7 which removes certain short cuts. This update will be on the 25th April.

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Despite being the third NSMB game, NSMB2 will be released for the 3DS in August. This was a huge surprise announcement and I will offer a full preview over the next few days.

Updated European Nintendo calendar:

25th April: 3DS system update

25th May: Mario Tennis

15th June: Heroes of Ruin

29th June: Project Zero 2

6th July: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

20th July: Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance)

August: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Autumn: Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Still missing in action: Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario and WiiU. Animal Crossing was mentioned on the Japanese Nintendo Direct and is scheduled for a release in Japan during Autumn.


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  1. No Megatons, it seems! ^^ I do look forward to Kingdom Hearts though!

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