Preview: Epic Mickey 3DS

I wanted Epic Mickey to work, I really did. This was a game I followed from when I first set eyes on the steam-punk concept art and got overly excited when I saw robot versions of Goofy and Donald. This game looked like it had it all mixing together the mischievous Mickey from the older cartoons to the friendly and helpful mouse that we all know and love.

As a game with so many ideas rushing around logic dictates that a second chance should be offered and that it was. “Epic Mickey the power of two” was announced just a couple of weeks ago for release on the PS360 as well as the Wii. Warren Spector (the games lead designer) has noted that the infamous camera problem is guaranteed to be sorted. Excited? I know I was but then it got better as another Epic Mickey game was announced for the 3DS.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is currently touted for release at the back end of 2012 and is billed as a tribute to the famed illusion series that appeared on the Master System/Mega Drive. World, of illusion was one of my favourite games for the Megadrive which not only starred Donald and Mickey but it also covered worlds including the Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio.

Power of Illusion is of course a 2D platformer and looking at these screen shots it looks like a Game Boy Advance game. I think these were used as teasers to show us what the game will be like, I expect it to be a lot more crisper and offering a great nostalgia trip for the fans of the illusion series.

Uncle Scrooge?

So what do we know about the game so far?

Release: This is currently touted as quarter 3 2012 release but expect it to be a bit later.

Format: Will of course be for the 3DS.

Starring: Mickey Mouse will be the main playable character but I wouldn’t be surprised if Oswald rocked up as well. From screen shots there have been sightings of Peter Pan, Hook, Beast and Scrooge McDuck.

Plot: The castle of illusion turns up in the Wasteland and Oswald informs Mickey that Minnie has been spotted in the area. Mickey sets off to save Minnie and the other illusions trapped in the castle.

Game play: It’s a 2D platformer but the touch screen can be used to draw certain items which will either attack enemies or you both. For example in the Neverland screen shot you can see cannons on the bottom and if the cannon is drawn perfectly then the cannon will attack enemies, if not you get it. This sounds an interesting mechanic to have.

Random fact: According to Spector this game will actually use hand drawn sprites.

I’m excited by both announced games but it does seem like the 3DS is about to get Epic.


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