Happy Birthday 3DS

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done an update, I’ve had a lot going on in life so I appreciate your patience and thanks for the e-mails/tweets of encouragements. You’re good eggs.

That aside yesterday (25th March) marked the one year anniversary of the Nintendo 3DS being released in the European regions. To say it’s been a roller-coaster year would be an understatement including a lack of major titles on release, a price cut, waiting around for system updates and of course the circle pad pro. So rather than focus on the best games, worst games, the story so far or even bitch about the battery life this is about five little things that make me smile about the 3DS.

The Green Light

I wonder what the couple in the top left are gossping about?

I have a case for my 3DS and when I leave the house it’s a ritual that I put my console in said case and then in my bag. I then walk around on my day to day and business and once home I open the case and there it is: the green light. What’s so exciting about that notification? Those with a 3DS know what it means and those without I shall explain. The green light in the right hand corner of the 3DS tells you that you’ve passed someone also with a 3DS who has had their street pass function turned on. It means you get to see someone else’s Mii, their generic or quirky greeting (mine says “You smell nice”) and a little info. Add into that the extra puzzle piece you’ll receive and of course the ability to fight on the Street Pass Quest with Sir Iwata or whoever you have.

Updated classics

Looking good.

Link to the past is the greatest game ever made, I hold that it’s better than Ocarina of time for a very simple reason: Ocarina of time has aged terribly. That may be a controversial statement to make but the same could be said about most of the 32/64 bit era of games and whilst they are great for their time (and still today) there are rather dated. Now I don’t want the 3DS to be the console that games are remade for (although the DS did great with Square Enix games) but the remake of Lylat Wars and Ocarina of Time was a good move. These games were in need of updating visually and it allows a new era of gamers to play these games without the outdated visuals. Remember OOT was originally released in 1998 and the remake in 2011, that has a potential of gamers up until the age of 18 to be put off by how the game looks. Now a brand new generation can experience this great game without feeling frustrated.

Inside covers

A lot of pots were smashed to make this.

If you’ve not had the chance to own a 3DS or even see the game covers themselves there’s one thing to note: The game boxes are different to the DS boxes. Firstly they’re a lot thinner (in the EU regions the DS boxes are quite fat, the 3DS one is on par with the NA region), they’re now white as opposed to see through and the inside of the box has twenty small square holes. Here’s the thing: Some games have a print on the inside so that pictures show up in the box:

Star Fox 64 3D has pictures of the crew and enemies

Resident Evil Revelations has some eerie blood splatters

Super Mario 3D Land has power ups, enemies, Mario and Peach.

Some copies of Ocarina of Time have rupees on the inside.

Kid Icarus uprising has a range of posed faces.

Three small things that bring a smile to my face. What do you like about the 3DS? Is it the AR cards? Face raiders? Nintendo video? The e-shop? The camera? 3D video recording? Let me know.


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