Hidden Gems: Fragile Dreams

It was finding out about this game that made me want to start the hidden gems feature, I’m not sure why it took me so long to actually play the game but here it is.

Yet another RSG hidden gem.

Full title: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Console: Wii

Released: 22nd January 2009 (Japan), 16th March 2010 (NA), 19th March 2010 (EU).

Developed by: Namco Bandai games and tri-Crescendo (co developers of Baten Kaitos)

Published by: Xseed for NA, Namco Bandai games for Japan and the great Rising Star Games for EU.

Basic plot: Most of humanity disappears, you must find survivors and get to the problem of what happened.

Gameplay: This is an RPG that really defines the beginning era of the Wii, you have a torch that you use the Wiimote to move with various uses of the nunchuck. Without many people about weapons are found dotted around on the floor as well as memories. This gives a good unveiling of things that have gone on.

Criticisms: This is like a few games I have put in the hidden gems in that it has a lot of style replacing some basic gameplay elements. It does play like a Wii game released in 2009 which can be rather annoying at sometimes and you can really go a lot of time with not much happening.

My thoughts: This is a game that transcends the gameplay element and replaces that with emotion, early on in the game I opted to only play the game in the dark and this brought a lot more to the game.

As a whole I liked the idea and premise behind it, the fact it was fuelled by emotions and you genuinely feel for Seto when certain things happen to him. I find this a rather hard game to describe but I truly do recommend it. You can go a while without seeing anyone and then suddenly action.

You also have a computer called Personal Frame who seems to be the influence behind Fi in Skyward Sword with “calculating an 85% chance of survival”.

Where to pick it up: Amazon has a good stock of it and it is currently only £17.64.

It’s kind of like: If the premise behind Fallout was mixed with A shadow’s tale and the visuals of night-time Xenoblade.

Did you know: The main character Seto is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch AKA the Black Power Ranger Adam.


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