Cartooning games

There’s something about saying you own a Nintendo console that brings a barrage of insults about shovel ware and just some poor games. This isn’t limited to the Wii or DS but is seen across the board, the culprit? Licensed games. I’m obviously not talking about the likes of Arkham Asylum of Goldeneye but games like Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, Transformers and even the last airbender.

I could delve into some of my favourite games that were licensed such as Lion King, Aladdin, Spider-man or even World of Illusion but for this feature I picked four random games from my collection. Two are NES games, two are Megadrive games, two are Disney, two are Warner Bros. and all were based on a kids TV show.

Tale Spin

This is the Megadrive version based on the TV show which was a spin off from the Jungle book. How does it play? It’s one of those annoying 90s platformers (released in 1992 in the EU) that is round about a 7 out of 10 but you keep playing and playing and playing until you get to the end. The plot is you must win the contract from Shere Khan’s company, pretty basic stuff really. To give the game a bit of a boost you must collect ten crates before you move on to the next level, sounds easy? It isn’t.

Ah mean the Bear necessities

I believe the Megadrive version was published by Sega with Capcom taking the NES duties. Speaking of NES games published by Capcom based on Disney properties:


Released in 1989 in NA Ducktales is probably the most fondly remembered on the list. There is a rather rare sequel to this which I’ve never played nor have I seen the NES version on eBay so if you’ve got it keep hold tight. Now the original game is what we’re on about and it and it is a brilliant platformer. This is Capcom 89/90 platform territory so a lot of the team from Mega Man were also involved and this is seen in the quality of the game.

Something, something, AEROPLAAAAAAAANES

This is good for fans of the show offering showing from everyone to Launchpad, Webby, Gizmo and of course the nephews. The plot is obvious, get some treasure and this took you across the world include Africa, the Amazon and there was even a trip to the moon. Oh and you can use Scrooge’s cane as a battering stick or a pogo. Very nice! Sticking with the NES though it’s time to go to the Acme Looniversity.

Tiny Toon Adventures

 Released in 1991 it wasn’t until a year later that the UK got it and I ended up getting it for my birthday. I remember the choice was either that or the Wrestlemania game and I’m glad I went for this one. Since then there have been another ten games released in this franchise but I don’t think you can beat this one.

If Super Mario Bros. 3 involved a duck.

The typical “bad guy has kidnapped good gal” plot is there as Montana Max kidnaps Babs Bunny and you must save her. Looking like a rip off of Super Mario Bros. 3 initially the game produced a lot more than that. In addition to the six worlds you also have the ability to switch between Plucky, Furball and Dizzy Devil. This brings a lot of different gameplay to it with lots of hidden exciting moments such as fighting Duck Vader and the great Wackyland. Sticking with Warner Bros. now:


 “Once there were huge seabirds that laid eggs that could feed a family of Tazmanian devils for a year. There are legends that somewhere on Tazmania there is a Lost Valley, where the giant birds still nest. Taz becomes fascinated by the prospect of the potentially large omelet and leaves in search of one of those eggs.” Thanks to Wiki for the plot summary, it gives this game an entire different spin to most others and is on the Ducktales level of selfish gains.

The Platypus brothers are a-backin' about...

Again it’s a platformer, again this game has bright colours, great sounds, hard levels, easy levels and just all round enjoyable game-play. It won’t win any awards for originality or innovation but this game really does rock. It’s one of those games I always remember playing with the family (just like Tiny Toons, Mario and Jet Force Gemini which makes for an odd mix) so this game has some special memories for me.


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  1. I adored the Tazmania game when I was a kid, I think I played it on both the megadrive and the master system.

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