Winner 3: Hidden Gem 2

The last winner of the hidden gems competion and that goes to Michael Ingram.   Whilst this is not the longest article I receive, it definitely was the one that made me want to hunt this game down. 

Please also note that I’m having some problems where it refuses to format the last paragraph. Apologies to Michael here.

If there is one area of modern Nintendo that seems to be ignored by the public at large, it is DSiWare. I too had ignored this treasure trove of titles, but with the release of the 3DS eShop, that began to change quickly. A mass of titles became available to me, but one title stood above the rest. That game is Starship Defense.

If you don’t know, Starship Defense is a Nintendo published DSiWare game from a small Kyoto based developer known as Q-Games. Q-Games has a special place in my heart, as the founder, Dylan Cuthburt developed the original Star Fox for the SNES and its sequels for the DS and 3DS.
Starship Defense gets my nod because it is a game that lives solely off of the gameplay. The story is practically non-existent, your space fleet is under attack, repel the enemy with your cannons. This game is 100% tower defense gameplay. Another point of note, is the unique artstyle. The game is a white grid, with very basic starships and space stations floating on top. Splashes of colour complement the game, but the minimal style really plays up the unique look.
My final point is that Starship Defense is a gamers game. The game doesn’t pretend to be a movie or something beyond a tower defense game and that is alright by me. I think that anyone who enjoys playing games will get a lot of enjoyment out of this title, and it deserves a spot in everyone’s gaming collection.

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