Winner 1: What would you like to see most on WiiU?

I was quite overwhelmed by the quality of some entries I received for the Xenoblade preorder bonus posters. The most popular categories were the hidden gems and the WiiU games with very few entries for the fan power piece (less than five). Due to that the posters will be going to the WiiU winner, two hidden gem winners and I’ve managed to get another set of posters which will go to some one selected at random.

The Winner of the WiiU article: Mark John Vignone Jr.  Congratulations.  His article is as follows:

The game I would most like to see on the WiiU is a true Mario and Sonic crossover.  For years, gamers have been teased with friendly competition at Olympic meets as well as the plumber and hedgehog duking it out in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Granted, they could work together in the story mode, Subspace Emissary, but that adventure was not designed exclusively for them.  These unique mascots need their own unique adventure and the combination of both series can bring forth amazing, as well as, in the spirit of Sonic, endless possibilities.

As for a potential story to bring them together, it could be something simple as follows.  Dr. Eggman acquires the chaos emeralds and uses their power to open a dimensional rift that leads to Mario’s world.  Meanwhile, Kamek demonstrates a newly learned spell for King Bowser, and it results in a rift leading to Sonic’s world.  Insert some corroboration between the doctor and Koopa King, and both worlds are plunged into danger, but each world’s trusted hero is now in the other’s!

Concerning gameplay (which will feature 2D and 3D for the duo, as well as boss fights, including musts against Metal Mario and Metal Sonic), both protagonists can be challenged in ways they haven’t been in quite some time.  While Sonic’s speed has served him well, he’ll find that speed isn’t everything in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario will also see that platforming won’t help him keep up the pace in Sonic’s fast and furious world. However, to help them adapt, there can be power-ups and friends a plenty (from both series) to give them a hand. You can practically see Sonic riding a Yoshi now or Mario using the chaos emeralds to obtain a new super form. Who knows, maybe by journey’s end, the player will be able to use both characters in levels, having the ability to swap between the two or unlock a co-op mode, adding immense replay value.

At E3 of last year, Nintendo stated that their goal is to provide new, refreshing, and revolutionary experiences to gamers. The WiiU is already showing evidence that it shall do just that.  However, a game featuring two of gaming’s most recognized icons embarking on a long anticipated adventure together?  That would truly be the icing on the cake and my money in Nintendo’s hand.


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