Win: Xenoblade preorder posters

Oh yes people Nintendo of America have finally announced Xenoblade to be released on the 2nd April 2012. We in Europe received the game in August of last year and a few lucky souls received a Xenoblade Chronicles Poster.  These were three A1 size posters as shown:

Exciting times really isn’t it? Well I’ve kindly had some of these posters donated to me as they are mildly frayed at the end. These are still in pretty good nick so rather than chucking them out I thought why not have my first ever competition.

There are three sets of the three posters to give away so I thought I’d give three chances to win.

How do I win?

To win I’d like you to write an article on one of three things:

1) Your favourite hidden gem game for a recent Nintendo console (Wii, DS, 3DS).

2) How Operation Rainfall shows there’s still a place for fan power with the modern gamer.

3) What would you most like to see on the Nintendo WiiU (be creative but realistic!).

What are the rules?

You can be based anywhere in the world, that’s right NA you can win one of these bad boys.

You have until the 18th January 2012.

You can write as little or as much as you want, but remember the golden rule TL;DR. Don’t make it long for the sake of it.

All entries are to be e-mailed to

Please sign your e-mail with either your name as it appears on Facebook or your Twitter tag.

The winning article for each three will appear on the site.

If you win one of the three essays you cannot win the other.

You can enter all three competions but please only one entry per competion.

I will confirm your e-mail with a reply.

You don’t need to but it wouldn’t go amiss to like my page on Facebook or be following me on Twitter

Please also note that this contest is not being run by Nintendo, Operation Rainfall or anyone else other than myself.

Go wild!


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  1. I have an enquiry, can I submit an entry even if I have no Facebook/Twitter campaign? I’m not a fan of that type of that.

  2. Thanks! I have submitted my entry already to you! I loved that competition and of course Operation Rainfall because it shows that we want the Wii to finish it off with a bang with RPG titles and an action title to prove that there are high quality titles to the Wii not just the PS3 or Xbox 360. Well, time to spread localisation with Operation Rainfall!

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