The Nintendo 2012 Preview.

What will happen in 2012 in the world of Nintendo? I took a look into my crystal ball and see what I could make out.

January 2012

  • Nintendo announce that they have delayed Kid Icarus Uprising. Rather than the game coming out in March it is delayed until May. No reason is given.
  • North America has something to celebrate as Nintendo announce they will putting the release of Xenoblade forward by a whole 24 hours from the current release date of the 2nd April.

February 2012

  • Valentines day bring the great Tales of the Abyss to the Nintendo 3DS in North America and gaming sites give it glowing full marks. It is outsold 5 to 1 by Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS.
  • On the 24th February The Last story is released in Europe. Half of all sales come from North American imports.
  • The 25th February brings news that North America will be releasing The Last Story later this year.
  • There is a bit of a kerfuffle on February 29th as PSN can’t cope with the added day. XBox Live turns the clocks back to 2008 making any game in the last four years unplayable. The NES is unaffected.

March 2012

  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 is released in North America, Japan and Europe. No release date is given for Australia.
  • Nintendo celebrates the first year of the 3DS by paying tribute to the biggest selling Nintendo 3DS game of the last twelve months: Rayman 3D. It has astonishingly sold 3million units since January due to the price dropping to 27p in most stores.

April 2012

  • 1st April sees the release of Xenoblade in North America. There is a huge backlash from gamers as when they put their disk in it’s just a face of Reggie with a sign saying “April fools”.
  • Also on the first Miyamoto retires. Again.
  • The 2nd April sees Nintendo apologise for the Xenoblade fiasco by announcing that North America will get the real copy of the game on 1st April 2013. Nintendo also announce that Miyamoto was not retiring but that was also an April fools.
  • On the 3rd April the website who interviewed Miyamoto regarding his retirement states “Miyamoto-san announced his retirement at 12:08 therefore he is the fool”.
  • Nintendo release another statement on the 4th claiming the whole issue was “lost in translation”.

May 2012

  • Kid Icarus Uprising is delayed again. It is expected about September now.
  • The internet is full of rumours that there will be a new model of the 3DS announced at E3.

June 2012

  • Nintendo unveil the final design of the WiiU at E3. Whilst it is similar in style to the Wii (both in size and shape) there is a large sticker on the side “THIS IS A BRAND NEW CONSOLE”. Reggie states that this is to avoid any confusion.
  • Nintendo also unveil the new Nintendo 3DS which comes with two circle pads. It will be known as the Nintendo 3DSiXLCircle Pad Pro edition and will go on sale by the 1st July.
  • Nintendo announce the release date of the WiiU is September 2012 worldwide. It will also come with a free surprise game that is the next instalment in one of Nintendo’s biggest selling franchises. Rumours suggest that this is a Zelda game.
  • Vitality is not mentioned at all.

July 2012

  • Nintendo release the Nintendo 3DSiXLCircle Pad Pro edition world wide, complaints come in that it won’t actually play 3DS games but just Virtual Boy games.
  • Nintendo withdraw the 3DSiXLCircle Pad Pro edition from the market.
  • Super Paper Mario 3DS is released.

August 2012

  • On the 20th August Pandora’s Tower is released in the UK. There are no import copies sold due to everyone learning their lesson over The Last Story announcement.
  • On the 23rd August Reggie notes in an interview that there “Is no way that Pandora’s Tower is coming to America”.
  • By the 26th August sales of Pandora’s Tower quadruple due to import sales.
  • On the 29th August Nintendo of America announce Pandora’s Tower will be released in February 2013 in the region.
  • More and more of the internet gaming community are excited to get either a Mario or Zelda game free next month with their WiiU, what else could be one of their biggest selling franchises.

September 2012

  • Kid Icarus is finally released but is withdrawn almost immediately due to a game glitch that breaks the 3DS. The release has been put back until 2013.
  • The Wii U is released and the the surprise game is unveiled as Nintendogs + cats + gerbils WiiU edition.

October 2012

  • WiiU sales are announced and they’re not pretty.
  • Dragon Quest X is released in Japan.
  • The WiiU sells 4million units in Japan within a week due to DQX.

November 2012

  • Mario Party 9 is released.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 is released in Australia. It costs $100.
  • Pikmin 3 is released for the WiiU. It flops as Miyamoto vows to make three more Pikmin games by next year.

December 2012.

  • The world ends.

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  1. Fucking awesome, Lee.

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