2011: The let downs

The Yin and Yang of gaming dictates that there will be disappointments over the year. Here’s some from 2011.

Vitality? What’s that?

The Nintendo Vitality sensor was once again claimed missing in action. For those who don’t know basically it’s a pulse detector that goes on the Wiimote. I’ve been rather excited about it after reading about how it would work in a horror game situation. What would happen is as your heart beat increases so does amount of attacks from enemies which would make for a truly terrifying game. Sadly it wasn’t even mentioned at E3.

Circle Pad Pro

Yes the infamous circle pad addition for the 3DS was announced at a time when gamers were already a bit upset at the 3DS price cut. When this was announced for Monster Hunter people wailed in the streets (maybe) and called out that it was a monstrosity. The main theory is that Nintendo will just release another 3DS next year with two circle pads but if you look at the games that use it (all third party) you can see they’re just opening the doors further.

Forget Wii not

If I hadn’t have started my hidden gem quest for the Wii I’d have played very few games for the console this year. The main titles have been Kirby, Xenoblade (in Europe) and Skyward Sword. Aside from that there’s nothing too exciting published by Nintendo for the WIi aside from the likes of Mario Party style games.

Wii U

I’m very excited about the console itself but the announcement was just weird. Firstly it took most people until after E3 to realise it was a brand new console with a very awkward looking Iwata posing with it. Secondly the whole game announcements for it at E3 were either Wii looking games or games we saw on the PS360. Lastly there’s the name, after five years of Wii based jokes it’s now extended another few years because of the annoying to say WiiU (which sounds like pee-yew!).

 All in all not a bad year despite what the neigh-sayers would have you believe, what didn’t you like Nintendo wise this year? Was it the 3DS price drop? The lack of 3DS titles? The rushed launch? Nintendo failing to bring Xenoblade to the USA? Let me know!


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