2011 Hidden gems of the year.

As the training for my new job and the Christmas festivities are out of the way it means I can update the blog more regularly We’re now at the time of the year where gaming sites discuss the greatest game to be released over the past twelve months and whether it’s Skyrim, Skyward Sword or even Uncharted 3.

I’ve decided to do things a bit differently and I will be looking at a few different things. Today I will look at some games you probably missed out on, tomorrow I will look at the surprises of the year, Thursday I will look at the duds of the year and Friday I will tell you my personal game of the year.

Nintendo DS

Despite it officially being on its last legs the Nintendo DS offered a ton of great titles in 2011 ranging from Pokemon Black and White to Kirby Mass Attack. Add into that the fact that the 3DS was released this year makes it obvious that a few games would be missed.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

This was released in July in Europe, September in North America and Australia had to wait until November. In Europe the game was published by Nintendo but only sold in GAME and Gamestation and it was sold out within three weeks. The game itself is an action adventure game leaning to the RPG side of things. You’re a ‘hunter’ (read agency temp) who does an array of jobs and one of those jobs leads you to obtain a stolen missing file. It’s at this point you end up saving a child and the main story begins. This is definitely worth playing if you can find it somewhere, I resorted to eBay.

Okamiden. The sequel to Okami is all I really need to say. This was released the same week as the 3DS so it makes sense that it was overshadowed.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Published by Capcom you’re a ghost who can travel four minutes before someone’s death to stop it happening. You stop a detective from dying and must uncover the truth behind your death.


Person one: So which console do you have, Xbox or Playstation?

Me: I have a Wii”

Person one laughs.

The sad thing is that the Wii is known as a kiddie console to the masses but for every Just Dance 2 there’s a Xenoblade so it’s no surprise which Wii game is getting my hidden gem award.

Xenoblade Chronicles

What else can I add that hasn’t been said by Operation rainfall. To me a great game is one that offers the plot points but you actually want to wander about, not because you have to but because it’s intriguing. The story of Xenoblade takes the typical RPG story but gives it a nice twist, it has a battle system that I can see many JPRPGs using in the future and it’s addictive. The music mixes so well with the visuals and there are points where I stop to look up at the Bionis and just think “wow”. Enjoy it next year America.

Lost in Shadow: I covered the review on this here.

Rayman Origins: You can get this for £17.99 at the minute and if you like crazy 90s style platformers this is definitely for you.

Nintendo 3DS

Not even a year old and already we have some hidden gems. The console is all about Super Mario 3D land, Mario Kart 7, Ocarina of Time or Starfox 64 3D but what could you have missed?

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

It was the first game I bought for the 3DS after reading about it on Kotaku, I’d never played a game in the Ghost Recon series and frankly it didn’t appeal to me.  This game changed that.  With a new tactical strategy type game-play akin to Fire Emblem or Advance Wars GRSW has a great mix of story and action  The characters may seem generic at first but you really begin to love them, their interactions is something you’d expect from a mid 90s action movie, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

Shinobi: Another reboot but this you can pick up for cheaper than most. Not the best of games but it’s definitely not the worst. Worth picking up for the £15 I’ve seen in places.

Cave Story 3D: A remake of sorts of the great game Cave Story, great to have on the move.

So that’s it for hidden gems of 2011, feel free to throw some more at me (not literally) that I may have missed.


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