Ho! Ho! No! A look at Christmas video games.

What is the best Christmas song of all time? Is it fairytale of New York? We wish you a Merry Christmas? Proper Crimbo? Or even White Christmas? OK how about Christmas movies, which one is your favourite? Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? A Muppets Christmas Carol? It’s a wonderful life? Or even White Christmas? I could list a ton more but then I wondered what my favourite Christmas game would be.  Prepare for torture.

Home Alone.

This is a bit of a cop-out because it’s a game based on the movie. You’re Kevin and you need to stop the wet bandits for 20 minutes until the cops arrive. Simple? No. A basic mix of top down and 2D platforming was ultimately very frustrating for me as a six-year-old kid. I’ve only ever played the MegaDrive version and that’s enough.

Santa Claus saves the Earth.

Just wow, what a terrible game. Released on the GBA and the PSX it was your typical “lets try and do a platformer with no heart or soul in it” game that makes me want to gauge my eyes out. That’s me being nice.


Santa Claus Jr. Advance.


Another GBA 2D Platformer game which was released in 2002. You’re Nick who is either some kid or Santa’s kid who must save Christmas. Check out the blurb from mobygames.com “Nick has to avoid snowball throwing Yeti’s, bouncing basketballs, wild mountain goats, hitting mechanical shovel excavator and many more. Climbing on chains, jumping away from avalanches… and so on.”

 Christmas Lemmings.

Remember when the world was obsessed with these small creatures with green hair and a blue top who looked a bit like fraggles? What about the time when they wore Santa suits and the world was covered in snow? Released as Xmas/Holiday/Christmas Lemmings over three years we got our fair share. Just take a gander:

 Daze Before Christmas.

Never heard of the game? Go and do a quick search on eBay and come back.  That’s right, as of the time of writing there are PAL versions of this game going for £227 with 3 days left, don’t worry though the P&P is free. Another platformer (that is apparently pretty darn good) offers a crazy party where Santa can turn into Anti-Santa where he’s invincible, wears blue and uses his toy sack as a weapon.  Brilliant!

Santa is an anagram of Satan.


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  1. I had forgotten Christmas Lemmings… oy…

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