This week in Gaming history 14th November – 20th November

The main thing to happen this week in gaming history was on the 16th November 1952 when Shigeru Miyamoto was born. Creating wonderful game franchises as Mario, Zelda, Doonkey Kong, Star Fox, Pikmin and many many more he is without a doubt the most influential person in the game industry. So we wish Miyamoto-san a very happy birthday.

What else happened?

15 November 2001: The Microsoft Xbox is released in North America bringing to the masses such things as DLC, a hard-drive based console and X-Box live.

15 November 2001: Halo was released.

18th November 2001: The Gamecube was released in North America. You can read my ten years of the Gamecube feature here

19th November 2006: The Wii was released. You can read my features such as The best of the franchises as well as a look at the Virtual Console and WiiWare and my speciality Hidden Gems. I also looked at The future of the Wii which was before the summer.


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