This week in Gaming history 6th-13th November

The main thing to happen this week in gaming history was on the 9th November 2006 where a game that mixes Animal Crossing, the Sims and Harvest moon was released. With bright colours and fun addictive gameplay the foundation of this it should shock all that this is actually an XBox360 and nothing to do with Nintendo. Viva Piñata was released after being developed by Rare, it was very well received critically and has spawned three sequels (one for the DS) and a TV series. Not bad at all!

Happy 5th Birthday. Lets celebrate by hitting a Piñata!

What else happened?

8th November 2004: EverQuest II is released flinging the door wide open and allowing more people to get stuck into the EverQuest universe.

9th November 2006: Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft had 7.6million active users, this seemed huge at the time but this went from strength to strength. This year they have announced that the number is about 10million (which I believe was a decrease from last years number).

10th November 1999: Pokémon: The First Movie is released in the USA. The film made $163,644,662 and has spawned a ton of sequels.


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  1. Has it really been 12 years since I went to see that movie? Man I feel old….X_X I’m only 19! D:

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