Three reboots that (don’t) need to happen

Earlier this week I mentioned two very common questions I am asked, I answered the one on how I decide if a game is a hidden gem or not and neglected to state what the other question was. So today I answer that question “If you could make a game yourself based on anything you want, what would it be?” and the answer is a simple one: I’d love to see a game based on the Sheikah from the Legend of Zelda games, going back to how they first came about to how they had that falling out with the Hylian royal family and how the relationship was restored. It would be rather dark in tone and would be more RPG than adventure and would span a number of times or even a few games set over that time period. Then it got me thinking, what games could do with a reboot? Here’s my top three.

Ice Climber

How can you give a very cutesy game a gritty reboot? It’s simple, take some inspiration from Saw.

Oh dear, just where is this going?

You are Popo, you have awoken to find yourself in a dark room, you seem to have something attached to you. You stumble about pulling the heavy thing with you, you find a light and you see what it is that is weighing you down. You’re chained to someone, that someone is your sister Nana who is dead. All that is in the room is a mallet and a note “You want revenge? Reach the top!” the camera zooms out to reveal small wooden shack at the bottom of a huge mountain.

Alex Kidd

A quick history lesson, before Sonic Alex Kidd was Sega’s hottest commodity though he was more a flash in the pan than a long stay. Between 1986 and 1990 Alex Kidd appeared In no less than six video games from Master System to Mega Drive (Genesis).

Just imagine him more Mad Maxish

How to give him a reboot? Add in one three-letter word and make him “Alex the Kidd” and set it in a dystopian future. Rather than make him a cowboy with a horse, you’re an outlaw with a motorbike named “Sukopako”and must overthrow the ruler Janken the Great. Using an array of weapons and your kung-fu like fighting style this can only be carnage!

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Say what? This game wasn’t released outside of Japan and it had a spiritual sequel released worldwide in ‘Elite Beat Agents’ but for those of you who haven’t heard of either here’s what the brawl trophy says “A cheer squad that appears out of nowhere to help those in need? That’s right! These guys jam to the rhythm, providing courage to the needy and showing them the road to success! There are two towns and two teams–Ryuta Ippongi leads the boys in Yuhi, and Hayato Saionji spearheads the effort in Asahi. Right now, somewhere, cheer squads are responding to cries for help.”

He looks badass but is singing to Ashlee Simpson

How can you give this a reboot? Well you have the things needed such as a secret government squad who are there to boost cheer with people in rubbish circumstances. Could you imagine quite an intense horror game which is then broken up by the cheer squad and some Just dance-esque moves? Oh no! The Jigsaw’s kidnapped me, I’m in a basement help me! Then the squad rock up to sing to some wonderful mid 90s pop song. That would be hilarious and would be a great contrast to the serious horror element of the game.

What ideas do you have of reboots that (don’t) need to happen? Let me know through Twitter, FB and of course the comments section.


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