This week in Gaming history 31st October – 6th November

The main thing to happen this week in gaming history was on the 31st October 1996 where teenage boys got a bit excited over Lara Croft. If you’re not European or didn’t have a Saturn you had to wait until the 14th November but the 31st October was the release date of Tomb Raider for the Sega Saturn. The game was one of those that you can revolutionised the industry and that’s not just a sub genre of bad ass gamer girls coming out of nowhere.

What else happened?

31st October 1996: The prequel to Command and Conquer was released. Called Command and Conquer Red Alert.

1st November 1998 – Half-Life was released, selling over  9 Million copies since release with a ton of game of the year awards. I don’t need to go on about the importance of this game do I? Thirteen years on and we still don’t have a Gluon gun.

3rd November 2004 – Nintendo starts taking orders for the Nintendo DS. That day alone 3 Million are sold before the release date of 21st November. Worldwide it has sold  149 Million copies since that day and continues to sell. It’s the best place to get remade RPGs.


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  1. How nostalgic! I recall getting the Sega Saturn, used to get loads of demo discs with the magazines 🙂

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