NLHG: Dynamite Headdy

For the new readers to the site NLHG stands for Nintendo Lee’s Hidden Gems and is a look at those games we may have missed. I do one every two weeks and one will be a retro game and the other will be a Wii/3DS/DS game.  This week it’s time to induct Dynamite Headdy.

*Generic don't lose your head pun inserted*

Released: August 1994 (Mega Drive).

Developed by: Treasure.

Published by: Sega.

Basic plot: You are Dynamite Headdy and arrive in North Town where you find the evil sounding villain “King Dark Demon” is trying to work out which of the toys should be converted to his minions. Of course you’re about to meet an early match and be thrown into the incinerator until you decide to make your escape and kick some butt!

Gameplay: You have the typical 16 bit style platform elements but then add into some elements to spruce it up, the most noticeable is Dynamite Headdys cranium. The head can be fired in all eight of the directions that the Mega Drive D-pad offers, something which is pretty rare for this console. Check out the first stage by Youtube user bpblu .

Criticisms: Honestly? I can’t think of any, the closest is that it came out far too late in the life of the Megadrive to have any impact.

My thoughts: A lot of complaints regarding gaming is due to a lack of imagination but this game has tons of it offering some new elements to the platform genre. It is the perfect mix of being easy enough to finish the game but difficult to master with all of the bonus games and is pretty good-looking to this day. The ever great Nintendo Life summed it up best when they said it “isn’t just a great game, and one of the best platformers on the Mega Drive, but it also has the distinct advantage of being a new experience to most people, one that’s well worth the time and effort.”

Where to pick it up: It’s on the Mega Drive/Genesis collection for the PS360 as well as the Virtual Console.

If you liked: Mario/Sonic.

Did you know: Most of the level names are movie parodies including ‘Illegal Weapon 3’.


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  1. I loved this game as a kid. Quite hard though if I remember. Oddly, attempts at playing this on emulation in later years had me feeling like I was playing a completely different game. Dunno if the PAL version was drastically different or whatever. A strange one…

    Nice one shouting this one out!

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