This week in gaming history: 10th-16th October

1995 was a bad time for handhelds, whilst Nintendo released the Virtual Boy in July Sega decided to hold out for their handheld ‘Project Venus’ until 13th October 1995.


Project Venus was renamed the Nomad and with that the original idea went out the window, the handheld was due to have a touchscreen interface however that would have been far too expensive with estimates at almost $300.  Eventually it was decided to be released for $180 as a handheld version of the MegaDrive in an era when the PSX and N64 were running riot and it came with a load of problems.  Firstly the battery life was about 2-hours and then there was a lack of a reset button (a couple of games on the MegaDrive required you to reset the game in order to continue).  Add onto that poor marketing, timing and all round apathy means this unit sold a million units in its lifetime (for the record the NEC Turbo Express sold 1.5million).

What Else?

10th October 1994: Doom II is released, meanwhile  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is still at Miami University and (maybe) dreams of starring in a Doom movie.  Actually I think his aim was football and wrestling but it’s a nice thought.

11th October 1985: Shadow of the Unicorn is released for the Spectrum which came with a whopping 64K expansion pack but it also had its own joystick interface.  It was rather innovative for 1985 and as with a lot of rather innovative games it didn’t sell well.

12th October 1981: Tempest is released in the Arcades by Atari, it has a special place in the hearts of many retro gamers and was originally due to be a 3D version of Space Invaders.


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