Things I learned from Mario manuals

Back in the day we would rely upon gaming instruction manuals to set the story and let us know just what was going on. Reading through some of the older Mario manuals there’s a few strange things that have thrown itself up so here’s my top Six that I noted.

The SMB manual has no confidence in you.

“You are Mario! It’s up to you to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the black magic of the Koopa!” Well that sounds like the manual trusts us as heroes case closed.

Super Mario Bros. manual

So it’s not Mario who will undo the magic but it’s Toadstool who is ‘the only one who can undo the magic spell’ which spins this tale on its head quite a bit. Then you have their doubt in your hero ability with that maybe thrown in, what a doubter!

According to SMW Thwomp is a ghost.

Super Mario World manual

A really nasty ghost stone? Surely to be a ghost of something you have to be living initially, are the Thwomp’s in SMW the ghosts of the Thwomp’s from SMB3? How come ghosts like Boo disappear yet Thwomp remains rock solid? So many questions!

The “8 bits” exist in nightmares according to SMB2.

Super Mario Bros. 2 manual

The manual mentions the “8 bits”  as a club from evil dreams but the weird thing is only two are mentioned to be in this ‘club’ which are Shy Guy and Snifit. The stranger thing is that just the red versions of them are said to be in this club and the pink ones are not. How far does this club go? Is it Mario’s version of the Masons?

The Goomba’s defected according to SMB.

Super Mario Bros. manual

Goomba’s are mushrooms, they betrayed the mushroom kingdom and joined the Koopa Kingdom. The weird thing is they look different to the other Mushrooms, could it be deeper than that? Could it be due to racism they had enough stood and said “ENOUGH?!” or does Bowser appeal more to the Goomba?

Birdo’s a dude.

Super Mario Bros. 2 manual

Here the manual mixes up the name Ostro with the actual Ostro who they call Birdo, though the description definitely fits that of Birdo! I think the picture from the manual I posted says enough about it.

According to SMB the blocks are Mushroom kingdom citizens.

Super Mario Bros. manual

There it is in black and white, they have been turned to bricks and help you out by giving you power ups. Now do you feel guilty for destroying every single block to get points? Shame on you!


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