NLHG: Eledees/Elebits

Oh yes it’s back and this week it’s time to get Eledees in the NLHG hall of fame.

Released: December 2006 in  Japan and North America as Elebits. It was released in May 2007 as Eledees.

Developed by: Konami Digital Entertainment

Published by:  Konami

Basic plot: Eledees are small creatures that coexist with humans, they provide electricity. Kai (a small boy) hates them as his parents attention is on the Eledees and not their son. A blackout happens and Kai feels bad as this happens after he wishes they would just go away so it’s up to you to restore power.

Gameplay: You have various small stages where you have to get electricity back to a room or a street within a specific time limit. This happens by using a capture gun and the Eledees are dotted about the level hidden in draws or even under pots. It should be noted that if you want me to like a game throw in some pot breakage!

Criticisms: My main criticism is the overuse of the Wiimote in that you’re turning keys, moving handles, searching everywhere with constant movement. It’s your typical 2006/07 Wii game in that it loves the motion controls which can be frustrating at times (like the door handle not turning when it should be).

Yes we let a spoiled brat kid near a gun that can lift a car, no harm done.

My thoughts:  It took me a while to get round to playing this game and even then I got it rather cheap, I wasn’t expecting much from it and I was wrong. I like that it has lots of short levels as that’s something that has been missing this generation and it’s refreshing to have a game that you can play just to waste half an hour here. Visually it’s  not too bad and not too good but it is a Five year old Wii game, it shows its true might during the cut scenes though.

Where to pick it up:  You can get it on Amazon for about £8.

If you liked:  Pikmin

Did you know:  One of the composers of the game is Michiru Yamane who’s famed for her work on the Castlevania series.


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