Is One Hundred the magic number?

I have been obsessed with Video Games for as long as I can remember. I recall one summer where I must have been five or six and I saw a shooting star, my wish? A Nintendo Entertainment System. Father Christmas brought me one that year, the year after I got a Game Boy, the year after a Mega Drive.  I was hooked.  The first ever game I remember playing was Super Mario Bros. 3, I remember my excitement as I read through the instruction booklet at least Ten times before we even booted up the unit.  I remember seeing Mario and Luigi, I remember being Luigi to let my little sister be player one. I remember my sheer anguish as a Goomba killed me straight away, but I kept on. Then I discovered a world that was so immersive, one you could explore every nook and cranny. Coin ships, black and white mushroom houses, the N cards, the warp whistles. Genius.

The Megadrive era brought me into RPGs and a huge array of great games, I still hold today that it was one of the best consoles ever. At the time I was a Sega boy and my first love in Nintendo sat in the corner as if I’d forgotten about it. Then I discovered A Link to the Past for the SNES, the best game of all time. After that came StarWing and Super Mario World and then Super Mario kart and then Donkey Kong Country, true greats that are still some of the best games.

What about when I chose the N64 over the Playstation? Or even more controversially the GameCube over the PS2? What about when I chose the Wii over the PS360? Why? I love the Mario universe, I love the Zelda universe, I love the universe Samus brings us, I love the history of Nintendo and I love that they innovate and keep putting out quality games.

On the 24th January 2011 I posted  my first blog post, one that was called “The Mushroom Kingdom: A cracked style look” which was hugely inspired by and their style of articles.  Why did I decide to do a blog and why in the over saturated video game genre of blogs? I’m tempted to answer “why not?” but I’ll explain briefly how it came about.  I wrote a few “cracked style look” articles at a forum I used to moderate, the feedback was impressive and a few suggested I start a blog. A couple of people suggested the name NintendoLee and so I thought I should give it a go and now as I post my 100th blog I’m glad I did.

What have I learned in my tenure of doing this? Blogs seem to need a weird mix of quality but not too much length (check out my first piece, it’s far too long really) but you need to have a passion for what you’re writing about.  I also go for the more positive spin on things because there’s far too much negativity out there on the internet. I’ve also learnt the art of the hidden gem, finding what people have forgotten about and having a darn good time playing said game.

I once said I wasn’t a Nintendo fan boy but a Video Games fan boy, then someone said to me “If you’re not a Nintendo fan boy, there’s no such thing” I think he’s right!  I hope you enjoy the blog and continue reading through it, if you’ve not read much it’s worth checking some of my older stuff.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next 100 posts.



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