One for the weekend: You lazy so-so!

Gamers can’t tell real world from fantasy, say researchers

Hardcore gamers become so immersed in virtual worlds that they turn to imaginary consoles to ‘zoom in’ to people in crowds or to pick things up from the floor, according to a study.

Some teenagers even confess that flashbacks from games can blot out real life – and others admit to fantasising about running over and killing pedestrians.

A study of 42 gamers aged 15 to 21 who played for at least ten hours a week revealed that most have experienced ‘games transfer phenomena’ – doing or thinking things in real life as if they were still in a fantasy environment.

Researchers from Nottingham Trent university said gamers sometimes use reflex actions instinctively picked up over hours in front of the screen.

One 15-year-old named Simon admitted wanting to use a ‘gravity gun’ from the game Half Life to fetch something from the fridge.

Another gamer, Milton, 19, said when he dropped a sandwich after playing Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time his finger ‘twitched’ as he tried to retrieve it with his console.

Linus, 19, said he thought he could use a search button in World of Warcraft when he tried to look for his older brother in a crowd. Others said they unwittingly acted out situations inspired by games.

The report said a few participants reported ‘criminal thoughts’ such as recreating Grand Theft Auto, which awards points for ‘wrecking things and killing people’ while they are driving.

The study’s co-author Prof Mark Griffiths said video games could develop particular skills but more research was needed to examine possible negative consequences.

Video games specialist Tristan Donovan told Metro that studies were ‘still inconclusive’ about the effect of gaming on behaviour.

Oh dear oh dear, where do I start on this one?

  • The sensationalist headline is hilarious: “Gamers can’t tell real world from fantasy” I can 100% bet you that they can, in your face researchers from Nottingham Trent University.
  • The HUGE study they did, a whopping 42 people from the huge age range of 15-21.  How many were 15? How many were 21? These are quite important things here.
  • The blasé attitude they same to have about a 15-21 year old ‘fantasising about killing pedestrians’
  • Simon has the right idea, he wishes he had a gravity gun, don’t we all? How many people have watched X-Men and wished they had a mutant power? Or read Lord of The Rings and wished they were as cool as Legolas?
  • Milton needs to explain this one for me, I’ve read it over Ten times and still don’t get at what they mean.  His finger ‘twitched’ as he tried to get it with the console? Did he pick the pad up and use it? It’s not like anyone’s ever picked up a TV remote and tried to turn someone’s volume down.
  • Now I know they’re making names up, Linus? He lost his big brother so uses the zoom function from WOW? Linus has a sister, she’s called Lucy. This is the only Linus in recorded history.  Does it really matter if one 19-year-old WOW gamer thought they could use a search feature? Really?
  • ‘Acted out situations inspired by games’ which games? Which situations?

Another truly terrible article by mainstream media showing gamers as crazies once again, where’s the study into people who watch TV? Watch movies? Read?  It’s not like they’re going to get a swift Hadouken…or is it?


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