This week in gaming history 19th-25th September

Again another quiet week in gaming history (goodness help me when I get to November….) and the major thing to happen was on the 25th September 1995 where Nintendo of America officially announced they had discontinued the Nintendo Entertainment System, apparently this was still available in Japan until the 25th September 2003 (a whopping Twenty years and two months after release).

I'll show you discontinued!

This is a Nintendo blog so I really don’t need to say how much this revolutionised the industry with its clunky grey box and its various attachments such as the gun, power glove, robot etc.  I may have been joking with the last two there but the console saw games such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, Metal Gear, Mega Man, Ducktales…You get the point, it was a great console and for it to last from the 8 bit era up until the PSX was released is a true testament to its genius.

What else happened?

Not much at all.

19th September 2005 The Game Boy micro is released in the USA which is currently the last console in the Game Boy range, sad times.

22nd September 1995 The great ‘Fade to Black’ is released on the PC in the UK, it was the sequel to Flashback. F2B = FB2, got it?

24th September 2001 Silent Hill 2 is released in the NA regions on the PS2 making the Silent Hill franchise into a formidable contender for the crown to the Survival Horror kingdom.


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