One for the weekend: GAME and bum’s


GAME Australia has introduced a revamped reward card scheme which has ruffled a few feathers down under with (pictured) risque advertising.

The new scheme, dubbed GAME ON, rewards consumers with 10 points per $1 spent, with 1000 points being claimable as $2 back on in-store purchases.

Ben Grant, marketing director at GAME, told MCV: “We decided to relaunch our Reward Card program, with extra benefits, to give us a major point of difference over the competition. It is important for videogames companies to acquire, retain and engage with customers, and our GAME ON Reward Card will certainly do that.”

“People like saving money, and being rewarded for their loyalty, and gaming customers are no different. We firmly believe that our new Reward Card program gives customers a compelling reason to shop with us.”

“Our Reward Card customers will be given VIP access to many benefits that money cannot buy, such as free gaming preview events and competitions, priority access to collector’s editions, and early access to sale promotions.”

MCV understands that GAME’s use of innuendo-based advertising has attracted multiple complaints from offended parties with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), although GAME declined to answer questions about any controversial reactions.

I find this hilarious, the cards are very juvenile lad type humour which being a mix between a video gamer and an Aussie suits it down to a T.   Over here though the cards would be more suited to Gamestation than Game which has a rather different reputation than the fun loving laddish humour Game of Australia are showing.

I also love that there are complaints about this, it’s their reward card scheme not an actual advertisement, people need to lighten up.


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