Sidekicks of the Nintendo universe, we salute you.

For every Mario there’s a Luigi, for every Link there’s a Zelda, for every Donkey Kong a Diddy Kong and for every Olimar there’s a Pikmin. Though there are always an array of extra characters who help you on your way who never receive much love after your journey’s end, well not any more so lets raise your glass as I toast congratulations to these brave men and women and animals and stuff.



We’re not talking about Louie from the Ducktales games here we’re talking about colleague of Captain Olimar in Pikmin 2. Whilst he’s an absolute klutz he does give Olimar a chance to return back to the planet of the Pikmin and in turn leading to one of the most under-rated games of all time. For being a fool he’s quite a good fella, so Louie you are saluted.

Professor E. Gadd

Not related to Prof Wheeto

He’s caused his fair share of mischief but he’s always there to lend a helping hand with inventions. First helping out Luigi in Luigi’s Mansion by giving him the Poltergeist 3000 and the GameBoy Horror he’s quite a helpful sort. He also is the inventor of the most infamous thing in Mario’s arsenal, that’s right he’s the brains behind F.L.U.D.D though he doesn’t make an actual appearance. Those of you who’ve played Partner’s in Time and Superstar Saga will recognise him from there as well. He’ll also appear in Luigi’s Mansion 2 so for all his help towards the Mario bros. Professor Elvin Gadd I salute you.


Dum di dum...

A lot of StarFox fans hated Adventures, I actually quite liked it though it would have been better as a new IP. There’s one thing that links everyone together though, they fricking hate Krystal. This isn’t about Krystal though, it’s about Tricky the Prince who was rather the typical sidekick. He’s annoying, yet helpful and has quite an important role in defeating General Scales. For that Tricky, I decided to name a boat after you, but a lot of people came to it for snowboarding so instead I shall just salute you.


Haters gunna hate

Mario has Yoshi and for a short amount of time Kirby had Rick. Making just two major appearances (and a few cameo’s). Why was Rick so cool? Why wasn’t he? He’s able to get across terrains rather easily, he can suck in just like Kirby, he can combine power-ups with Kirby to make more powerful ones such as Fireballs and a beam attack. For your help towards the star warrior, we salute you Rick the best hamster in gaming history.


My contact lens has fallen out

Her only real appearance is in Thousand Year door though a cameo in Super Paper Mario is noted, she’s strange for a number of reasons: firstly she loves Mario second she’s a Goomba. That’s the same Goomba race where Mario has slaughtered thousands of them and by logic she should be a baddie (according to Super Mario Bros. Instruction booklet Goomba’s are Mushrooms that defected from the Mushroom Kingdom so at the very least she’s the daughter of a traitor). She helps Mario on his quest, Mario saves the day and no revenge is taken. For that we salute you Goombella for being the daughter of Judas yet betraying your father for your countrymen we salute you.


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