This week in Gaming history 12th-18th September

The main thing to happen this week in gaming history was on the 13th September 1993 where Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and co hit US consoles with the Genesis/SNES/Game Boy and game Gear releases of Mortal Kombat. The game had already been available in other mediums but this time it finally hit homes.

With that controversy ensued Electronic Gaming Monthly gave it the most controversial game of the year whilst IGN retrospectively wasn’t too happy with the change from arcade to home as we lost some fatalities and the US lost blood which became sweat. MK was used in the hearings on video game violence and the corruption of society and as a result the ESRB gaming rating was formed.

Man I heard this game was badass, my parents will hate it....Sweat? WTF?!

Since then we’ve seen a ton of games and TV shows/movies based on the franchise which shows no signs of giving up. Did you know that when the game was released in 1993 it cost $74.99 which using the inflation calculator that would be the equivalent of $117.24 yet people still complain about game prices!

What else happened?

13th September 1999: Sony announces the official name of the followup to the Playstation Console. It will be called the Playstation 2. How original!

14th September 2004 – The Sims 2 is released in NA whilst we in Europe have to wait until the 16th to hear about controversy such as blurred genitals.

14th September 2006 – Nintendo announces release date of November 19 for the Wii . Japan gets the console on the 2nd December with Europe getting it last on the 8th December. Five years on and people still laugh when you say you’re “playing with your Wii.”


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