Tokyo Game Show round up

If E3 was the equivalent to Wrestlemania TGS would be the Royal Rumble. If E3 was Christmas then TGS would be Easter. If E3 was the World Cup final TGS would be the European Championships. The focus of this conference was on the 3DS and with that we got quite a bit of information.



So let’s get the things we expected out-of-the-way:   the hideous looking Circle pad has received a release date of 10th December in Japan, this will be ¥1,500 which is about £12 according to the latest exchange rates. It’s powered by a AAA battery and the release will coincide with the release of the previously announced Monster Hunter 3G a few other titles have been confirmed to use this including Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil Revelations, MGS Snake Eater, Ace Combat and Dynasty Warriors Vs.

A System update will take place in November and with that will be new Street Pass content with an update of the plaza and the puzzle/quest challenges. What are they? Nintendo didn’t say, I guess we’ll see come November. Oh the update will also include 3D video recording, again details such as editing and length aren’t available but this is a pretty neat addition.



The above screen shot is from the rather swell looking Super Mario 3D land, a true homage to the original SMB if you ask me. Well it finally has a European release date with confirming that the game will be released on the 18th November, that is the same 18th November that one Skyward Sword will be released. Then on the 2nd December we will see the release of Mario Kart 7 which has been confirmed by to have new playable characters including Metal Mario and Lakitu. That’s right we’re going to need a new camera man.

As expected Europe will be receiving the Red 3DS on the 30th September with a Pink one also being announced. The Pink 3DS will be released on the 20th October in Japan with no worldwide release date confirmed yet.

In the least shocking thing since the last time an unshocking thing happened they also announced that Kid Icarus has a worldwide delay until 2012 though have confirmed that “Nintendo is also in the process of developing 3D Kid Icarus animations that will be made available free of charge via the Nintendo Video service to Nintendo 3DS owners worldwide.” 2012 also has Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and we had a Mario Tennis game announced with more details to follow.

Other games announced:



A new game in the Fire Emblem Series has been announced with not much more to add to that aside from it will have a two player co-op mode.

Monster Hunter 4 which is the second in the franchise to be announced for the console in a week. This is the franchise that has gripped Japan and shifted a ton of PSPs so this should surely help the 3DS.

Dynasty Warrior Vs. which will support Four player combat. Add onto that turned based strategy Culdcept as well as a new Square-Enix RPG called Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and a rhythm game called Hatsune Miku Project Mirai which has AR support.

Add onto that a ton of rather crazy games that won’t see the light of the day in the west though I am looking forward to Operation Friend Fall to see the release of the very bizarre looking Friend Collection. It puts your face on a character and you get married and have kids, or you could just do that in real life.


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