New Skyward Sword footage

Here we see Link upgrading his weapons by collecting things that monsters have dropped. This has been done in a few games out there before and in other games where Link has had a level 2 or level 3 upgrade to a level it’s usually been found in the dungeon (see Links Awakening).  I think this is a nice addition to the game and I hope it also brings in a level of customisation (say changing the colour of your shield for example). My only main concern is that the item information will happen every time you get one as was the case in Wind Waker but hopefully it will just do it the once as in Twilight Princess.

Skyward Sword is released in Europe on the 18th November which is the same day as Super Mario 3D Land and is actually before Japan and the USA get their copy. Japan get it on the 23rd November and the NA regions get it on the 20th. Also it’s my birthday on the 24th 😉


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  1. Well, this footage is certainly interesting if nothing else. Nintendo seem to be implimenting features that (in my opinion) don’t really add much to the game. Focusing on this video/mechanic specifically, I see one major problem with this system. It’s either forcing you to play one way or adding a pointless mechanic. If the game is designed to be able to be completed without needing to upgrade your kit then there’s not really much reward to doing so. It might make the game easier, but it also means for things like the shield upgrading is entirely useless. Sure, you can make the slingshot more accurite/powerful but why would you if it already does the job and all making it slightly better does is making a boss die one hit faster? Why make your wooden shield better if three dungeons down the line you get the Hero’s shield which is better, and means you don’t have to trudge around getting the required items. And if you’re forced to keep upgrading your kit to complete the game (i.e. level up your wooden shield to the Mirror Shield and Skyward Sword to Master Sword) then you’re being forced to play a certain way and wonder around gathering eye of newt and wool of bat rather than doing all the things you’d expect to in a Zelda game. The game will probably be good. Nintendo aren’t likely to release a bad Zelda game, but these changes don’t fill me with joy, if I’m honest. But then, I don’t play video games very often and when I do, I’m not the sort of player who tries to get every item and upgrade it to maximum.

  2. I imagine it would just make the game easier rather than you need to do it to upgrade, it may even just be colour changes or customisation. You get the items from killing enemies that you come accross so it’s no real big deal.

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