NLHG: Okami

I think Okami is a weird NLHG in that I know a lot of people who’ve played it but outside of the internet gaming community very few people have. So let’s have a gander shall we?


Released: 2006 PS2 2008 Wii

Developed by: Clover Studio for the PS2 version with the development team of Ready at Dawn for the Wii version.

Published by:  Capcom.

Basic plot: Sunaso (self-proclaimed greatest warrior in the world) has unleashed a demon who’s been locked up for 100 years. It’s up to Wolf god Amaterasu to bring colour back to the land saving the world and destroying the enemies.

Gameplay: It’s an action adventure game with an open immersive world with the uniqueness of ‘painting’ to bring life back to the world.  It’s hard to describe but if you check this video out it’ll make sense.

Criticisms: Not many with the game, it is rather easy by most action adventure game standards and towards the beginning there is a ton of dialogue which is annoying with the voices (they’re random jibberish rather than actual words).  Add onto that and the celestial brush occasionally fails to register what you’re doing but that’s just me nitpicking.

My thoughts:  Firstly the visual styling of this game is second to none, I argue it looks better than Ico and Shadow of the Colossus but they are the only three games I’ve ever called beautiful. The way the sound mixes with the visuals to give the feel of a genuine work of art is something not to be missed. Add onto that a rather in-depth storyline that has a great mythos mixed with some great gameplay elements makes this one of the better games out there. It’s  just a  shame the original was released the same time as Twilight Princess as there was really going to be one winner in the wolf action adventure genre there.

Where to pick it up:  You can get it on Wii in any gaming shop or Amazon, the PS2 version is also available on Amazon and you can still find it in some game stores preowned.

If you liked:  Beautiful like Ico and SOTC or the wolf parts of Twilight Princess then this definitely is for you.

Did you know:  Due to Clover Studios closure most key members of staff went over to Platnium Games who made Bayonetta which in turn has a few references to Okami (such as the trail of flowers in panther mode).


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