NLHG: Soleil

It’s Thursday and it’s NLHG, why wasn’t it posted on Monday? It’s not like I’ve been moving house this week “rabble rabble rabble!”  All jesting aside it’s already time for our retro NLHG of the month and once again we head to the MegaDrive (Genesis) and a game called Soleil or if you’re American this is called Crusader of Centy.

Released: 1994

Developed by: Nextech (now Nex Entertainment who have had their hand in development of some Resident Evil games, Children of mana and Shining Soul)

Published by: Sega and Atlus (NA).

Plot: You’re a fourteen year old boy and in Soleil town you must go and train for battle, your dad (is of course) a legendary hero who is now dead.  You must travel the world and explore the ins and outs. A particular event happens where you can only speak to animals for the first portion of the game, this of course changes and you can speak to humans again but that is only the beginning…

Gameplay: It’s an action adventure game with an open immersive world. If you imagine a game like Zelda where they use animals for their own game this would be it.  What I mean by that is you can ‘equip’ an animal whether it’s a penguin providing ice attacks, a dog who holds down or a bird of sorts helping you fly.  Add into that the time travel element that we see in the later games of the Zelda series, this game really has something for everyone.

Criticisms: Two criticisms on this one the first is that it’s more targeted at the younger gamer but that is something that doesn’t bother me, I mean Mario has an age 3+ rating on the box.  The other is that it is too much of a clone of A Link to the past, which is obvious by the above screen shot.  Being a clone of the greatest game of all time is not a bad thing and there’s enough to show there is a difference between the two.

Where to pick it up: This is pretty rare in EU but it’s worth checking out ebay to see if you can get a good deal.

If you liked: Pretty much any Zelda game you’d love this.

Did you know:  Sonic the Hedgehog makes a cameo in the game, he’s even on the back of the box.  Here’s the screen shot:


He's so rad!

Did you play this game? What are your memories of it? Did the new lay out of NLHG work well or do you prefer the old style? If you let me know in the comments or on twitter @NintendoLee.  You can also join the NintendoLee facebook group by pressing that big facebook logo at the top of the page.


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