Doing a Sega?

A lot of doom and gloom has been predicted about Nintendo in the last few weeks, all sorts of gaming blogs have predicted an implosion of the company and that they will do a Sega.  For those who don’t know what “doing a Sega” means, it means to stop console production and to focus solely on being a software publisher.  I wrote a piece on why the industry needs Nintendo but I thought I should follow-up with that and have a look at why the thought of Nintendo going out of console production is just absurd.

He’s got the whole world in his hands.

Think of Nintendo, you think of the franchises, the consoles and of course the GameBoy and the DS.  It has been argued that the handheld market kept Nintendo alive during the GameCube games with the GameBoy Advance selling millions and millions of consoles worldwide.  This was mainly due to the Pokemon franchise to be totally honest of which millions were sold.  Since then we’ve seen the DS become the biggest selling console of all time outselling the DVD player we called the PS2.  Enter the 3DS, this didn’t sell too well at all on release so Nintendo took a huge gamble and cut the price, what happened?  Last week in Japan the 3DS sold more consoles than all the other consoles added together.  With a price cut, an improved downloadable service and the impending arrival of the bigger Nintendo franchises things are looking up.  Yeah people can play all sort of immersive games on their phones and people may wait until the Vita but the 3DS is cheaper than the Vita and to me caters to a completely different audience than the iPhone/Pad/Android people.  With handhelds they’ve shown they have the market through thick and thin, remember when the GameGear was going to end the GameBoy? Or when the Nokia N-gage was going to end the Gameboy Advance? Or when the PSP was going to end the Nintendo DS? Exactly.

He who masters the past masters the present and the future.

Quick question, what year was Nintendo founded in? 1889 is the answer.  In that time they’ve done pretty much everything but since the mid 70s they have become the forefront of gaming.  If Nintendo has something to say everything stops and listens.  It was Nintendo who have been credited with saving the industry after the great software crash of the early 80s and since then they’ve been at the forefront from the NES all the way up to the Wii the company has a wealth of history and countless resources, they use this for the building blocks to innovate the industry.

When we all think alike then there is no thinking.

Nintendo: “Check this out it’ll revolutionise the industry”

Rival: “No it won’t”

Nintendo: “£$£$£$”

Rival: “I hope that’s money symbols and not you swearing because I’ve stolen your idea”

Software crash of 1983, which publisher stood up and ran with the ball? Nintendo.  1985: who brought gaming from the arcades into the home of Americans? Nintendo.  1989: Who brought handheld gaming to the masses where you could play more than one game on said unit? Nintendo. Who brought us shoulder buttons in 1990? Nintendo. Who attempted to bring us 3D gaming in 1995? Nintendo. Who actually managed it without glasses in 2011? Nintendo. Who brought us the amazing worlds of Mario 64 in 1996? Nintendo. Who brought us a touch screen handheld which sold over 130million? Nintendo. Who successfully brought motion control to home consoles, something that Sony and Microsoft later built on? That would be Nintendo.

I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea.

I’m Apple and you know that because I told you so.

I’m the Xbox and I’m the king of online console gaming.

I’m the Playstation and I’m a multimedia hub in your home.

I’m Nintendo and I’m Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Fox, Captain Olimar, Pikachu and many more.

The Mario franchise has sold over 260million copies, Pokemon over 200million.  Out of comparison GTA has sold 100million, COD has sold over 55million.  Add to that the Zelda franchise has sold over 60million, Donkey Kong has sold over 50 million!  This is just with franchises but what about specific games?  Lets go with this generation, the top-selling game for the PS3 (according to the very reliable Wikipedia) is GT5 with 6.37million, the 360 has Halo 2 with 8million.  Add them together and that’s 14.37 million. The Wii has seven games that have sold more than the GT5 and Halo2 added together!

What about the quality of games? No less than six Nintendo published games and another three that appeared on their system (two exclusives) have reived perfect scores from Famitsu. That’s Nine of the Fifteen perfect scores for Nintendo consoles. They do quality.

Innovation + Strong Hstory + Big selling games + Quality games = a winner!

To suggest Nintendo would stop hardware production is just baffling really.


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  1. I agree. I wrote an article entitled “Is It Finally Game Over For Nintendo”, which was an intentionally provocative look at Nintendo’s recent spate of bad fortune. I may have given the impression that Nintendo were teetering on the brink of oblivion but I think anyone with any sense knows that the house of Mario is here to stay.

  2. Agreed, I may not be a big Nintendo fangirl these days but I’d be lying if I said I want to see them gone. The DS Lite was a wonderful hand held console and the SNES, well it doesn’t need any compliments because it just is THE console. So to be honest I think that if they decide to stop making consoles they must be barmy! Am sure it won’t come to that though, they’ve fought competition this long any way.

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