NLHG: A Boy and His Blob

The year is 1989, North America get a game this game was known as a mix of challenging game play, quite intuitive ideas or just down right terrible depending on who you talk to. In 1990 Japan received the game and finally in the summer of 1991 Europe received the game. This game made an impact on me at a young age and I loved it to bits, it was a simple game about a boy and his blob. The name? A boy and his blob: Trouble on Blobolonia. This was followed by a Gameboy sequel in 1991 which did better critically than its predecessor.

The cutting edge of technology

So roll on 2009 and the game is ‘reimiagined’ and published by Majesco entertainment. Critically it did quite well with an average of 85% around the shop. Have you played the game? Have you even heard of the Wii version? Have you even heard of the original series? Let us delve in.

“When the blob crash lands on Earth he finds an unlikely hero in a young boy. Together, they must return to the blob’s enslaved home planet and defeat the evil emperor.” That’s your plot as taken from the back of the game box. If you want to break it down further it’s a platformer where you use your blob sidekick to do an array of things by giving him jelly beans. Such power ups include a hole, a ladder, a parachute, an anvil and a balloon among others.


Doesn't this just make you smile?

All in all it’s a rather relaxing but fun game offering a nice learning curve that gives a great nostalgia feel even to those who haven’t played the original. Visually it is stunning with some great levels painting a great atmosphere mixed with some great sounds.

You need to play this game and you can find it still in some shops, I bought mine on the day of release but I have seen in it a few places recently.


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