An updated look at the 3DS

In March 2011 Nintendo released the 3DS in the western world and across the globe it has failed to set the market alight as previously predicted. Different sale figures are doing the rounds but there’s one thing for certain: it’s almost been a flop. With the PSP outselling it in Japan for many weeks it seems that it’s an unloved family member, take a peek into a video games shop and you’ll noticed there are a ton of the consoles due for preown. Why is that?


Damn rights you're getting this picture again!

Monday saw the first induction for the console to NLHG and with other great games such as Street Fighter IV, Ocarina of Time and Nintendogs the console already has a solid foundation. OK I joked about the Nintendogs+Cats aspect on a personal basis but you see my point.  Add onto that the 3D camera, the AR cards, Face raiders, trotting about with your 3DS and “meeting” people out and about and the fact that Nintendo seems to have finally nailed their online side of things make this surely an interesting console to purchase. So why hasn’t it done well? Three reasons I see.



Think of a Nintendo 3DS advert, what’s in it?  It’s a nice bright room with a couple of pretty girls, some badass cockney bloke and pretty much people who just do not look like gamers or as if they’re having fun.  Yes they’re quite amazed by the graphics and that’s really about it.  The best sort of marketing I’ve seen for the 3DS? People showing each other theirs.  It’s not clear in the marketing that this is a brand new console, and the name sounds like it isn’t either.  The marketing needs to focus on a lot of other things than the 3D such as street pass, spot pass, the gyro sensor, the camera, the fun you can have with the console.  It needs to be clear that this is as just a jump as the Game Boy Advance was from the Game Boy rather than a Game Boy Color to Game Boy jump.


The best Nintendo launch title

Really if you own a Nintendo console you want games.  Not just Rayman remake number 3423232 but games like Mario, Zelda, heck they even are bringing back Kid Icarus.  Problem is these weren’t launch titles, the first Nintendo first party game for the 3DS outside of Nitendogs+Cats was Steel Diver.  Exactly.  It took until June when we got Ocarina of Time which, is great as it was, is a remake.  In September we have Star Fox 64 3D which is another remake and a mouthful to say, why not go with Lylat Wars 3D?  We have seen the likes of Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion etc. but there has still been a bug drought period.  Nintendo games will be coming in thick and fast pretty soon and I’m pretty sure that will help increase sales.  I’ll be looking at some third party games coming out on Friday but it’s really the first party that will move the console in masses just like NSMB and MKDS did.

The Price.

The price for the 3DS is cut from Friday, what do I think of that move? Find out tomorrow!


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  1. I can’t believe I missed Pilotings out, I bought it on launch!

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